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Jun 10, 2007 12:45 PM

Bloody Mary's in Austin?

Feeling the need for a few more beverages after last night's dinner party I found myself sitting at the bar at the Longbranch Inn. While the Stella's were quenching my thirst I suddenly found myself really craving one of the bloody mary's the bartender was making. Although not completely made from scratch they did use one of my favorite mixes and added some fresh squeezed lime juice along with a few other ingredients. A little spice on the rim of the glass was nice as well. While pickled green beans are my favorite addition to a bloody mary, the stuffed olives did just fine. I must say it was pretty darn good. Any recommendations on where else to go for a good bloody mary in Austin?

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  1. It's pretty far out of the way, but one afternoon after a round of golf, a friend and I ended up at Nutty Brown Cafe. The bartender told us that they make their own mix from scratch there, and while I'm not privvy to all the different bloody marys around town, this one was great. Nice and spicy, with hints of horseradish and pepper.

    1. I really like the bloody mary's a Dick's Lounge at the Little Thailand restaurant. Must be something in that Garfield water I guess. Nothing terribly special about it except that its made well, and a well made bloody mary is always good.

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        While the stalk of asparagus isn't canonical, Dick's Thai Bloody Mary is spicy and zingy. Definitely recommended.

        Also, the Bloody Mary at South Congress Cafe is pretty darn good -- one of the few in town that has made me sit up and take notice. They let their vodka stew in a tank filled with peppers, and their bartenders get the ratios right and respond well to an "extra spicy" request. (As far as I can tell, drinks are the only thing they do right at South Congress Cafe.)

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          The BM's at El Gringo are pretty tasty. The BEST were at Paggi House when they had "create your own" bottomless bloody Mary's for $12. Those were some drunk Sundays.. :)

          1. re: tom in austin

            I'll enthusiastically 2nd the S. Congress Cafe bloody mary. It is fantastic.

          2. re: Homero

            I'll add my support to Dick's Thai Bloody Mary, zingy and delicious.

          3. While not a huge fan of BM's, I've heard time and time again that Casino El Camino makes some of the best ones in town.

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              I concur on the Casino bloody mary. The best in town is the wasabi bloody mary at Starlite though!

            2. Bayou, do you use Zing Zang? When I use a mix that is the one. It tastes the least mix-y to me but if you know of another please share.
              As for Bloodys around town, my favorites are: Z'Tejas--they're great, with a nice rim of celery salt and a cheap enough price that you don't have to feel bad for indulging (you may feel bad for other reasons, like last night's indulgence); the Holy Mary at Katz's, rimmed with seasoned salt, spiked with Absolut Peppar, a salad of garnishes, and pint-sized, this is a great dish to accompany a plate of convalescent corned beef hash & eggs; Wasabi Bloody Mary at Starlite.

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              1. re: tipsytexan

       guessed right on the mix. Zing Zang!

                1. re: BayouBoy

                  Zing Zang is Tristan and I's favorite premix too. They have it at Billy's Brewpub on Barton Springs - Tiniest Bar in Texas also has it.
                  I think Saba Blue also told us they use Zing Zang but spicy it up further!
                  Zing Zang is pretty salty streight up, but we love it in drinks.

              2. When I lived in Austin Opal Divines always had an outstanding bloody mary mix

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                  Lala's has a fantastic bloody mary!

                  1. re: LisaMAO

                    Zax Pints and Plates has a make your own bloody mary bar during their sunday brunch.