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Jun 10, 2007 11:58 AM

current picks for medford through eugene

Looking for road food from the cal/ore border north to Eugene. Will be staying in Oakridge visiting family.

Looking for any tasty, reasonably-priced food spots. Tacos, ribs, thai, etc.

Taco trucks in Eugene or Medford? favorite lunch or dinner spots in Eugene? Ethinic a plus, no fine dining or chi-chi restaurants needed. The threads I found were several years old so looking for currnet content. Any newer threads?


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    On 6th Street in GP, way down by the 7-11, right before M street.
    My current favorite in the RV. Wonderful food in a Mexi Grocery Store setting.
    They even have Deep fried Tacos and LA hot dogs and Hamburgers.
    And lightly breaded fish tacos.

    In Sutherlin, a Casa Lupita (From GP) opened in the old drive in about 1/2 to 1 mile East of the freeway exit on the North side of main road through town.
    I never find anything good in Roseburg, though I try.
    I'll write up the RV taco trucks in a separate post.

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    1. Hi ya Toodie, here's a thread from our local newspaper forum.
      It's got a bunch of information for you. I'm still gonna make a taco truck thread but I've got to get all the
      addresses and hours written down.
      We like Bangkok's Benny in Talent for Thai. 1 Thai Lady and her husband.
      In a New building on West Main. Open 11:30-8:00 or 9:00.