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Jun 10, 2007 11:02 AM

Where oh where is White Castle when you need one?

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It seems a town like LA that has everything one could possibly need (and lots of things you certainly don't) could get it together to entice the gods of White Castle to send some sliders our way....
Makes me want to get on a plane back to Chicago!
Those frozen lumps in the super market just don't get it done....
the bread turns to stone in my microwave.



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  1. Not that this helps you now, and might even hurt a little, when the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was coming out, New Line Cinema put up a temporary White Castle on Sunset Blvd, and, the sliders were free!!!

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    1. re: markethej

      had em. they mustve been frozen ones cuz they werent the same as the restaurant version.

    2. Man, if they had a White Castle out here I'd weigh 350 lbs.

      1. It's possible to cook the frozen ones so that they end up a lot more like the real thing. Read the non-microwave instructions. It's a huge P.I.T.A., but I've gotten my fix from doing that a few times and they aren't light-years off that way. (It takes a few practice rounds, though.)

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        1. re: QualityMart

          I think the closest one is in least it was years ago.

          1. re: chefthisguy

            Las Vegas does not have White Castle! The closest thing we had for years was the tiny little snack-shop in a now-demolished hotel, The Boardwalk Holiday Inn, on the Strip. They did their version of sliders; but according to my hubby, they were nothing like WC.
            The only nice thing from back east we are soon to get is Dunkin' Donuts. The first one opens up in August, after being done from the city for close to 7-8 years.

        2. I haven't been to one since I was a kid in Michigain. It is strange that they are not out here. Maybe they don't want to compete with In N Out and Tommy's, though they are so different.

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          1. re: jonahlee

            When I attended the University of Chicago we used to make runs in the middle of the night to the one at 79th and Stony Island...
            if you threw a stone in any direction, you 'd have a hard time NOT hitting a pimpmobile...
            added to the charm...
            not to mention re-orienting one's fashion sense....


            1. re: limaboy

              haha i went to visit the illinois institute of technology for a conference and tried my first ever white castle near there around 1am. to our surprise we saw that hte cashiers were behind (what appeared to be) bullet proof windows when taking our orders kind of like a gas station clerk. then a bunch of young looking hoodlums came in to flirt/harass with the cashier when suddenly you hear a loudspeaker asking if the cashier is okay.. apparently there's 24/7 security surveilance.

              never going to a white castle in chicago again :-o