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Jun 10, 2007 10:26 AM

Can I bake quick bread in a 8x8 pan if the recipe says 9x5?

I have a recipe for banana bread that says to bake in a 9x5 pan, but all I have is 8x8 which is only a slight bit smaller. Can I use this pan and use the excess to bake a mini loaf? Or will my bread come out funny because I used a different sized pan? I use different sizes for cakes all the time and wondered if I could do the same with this recipe?

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  1. In terms of volume, the 8x8 pan holds considerably MORE per inch of thickness more than the 9x5, not less, so I doubt there will be enough excess batter to bake a mini loaf with.

    I've baked quick break recipes in square cake pans instead of loaf times many times, with good success. Baking time will be much shorter, however, so keep an eye on it and test for doneness well before the baking time in the recipe.

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      Go by square inches, in this case 45si vs. 64si. The larger pan will give you a flatter loaf and as sfmiller says, need less time to bake.