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Nov 3, 2005 08:55 PM

Gary Danko?

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A friend recommended this a "must visit" restaurant for an upcoming trip to San Fran. Any feedback?

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  1. i also recommend. Very "cheap" for the quality of the service. Expect to spend around 80-120 per person for an amazing 3 hour dining experience. last time i went i got a romaine and sardine salad, lamb, beef, and chocolate cheesecake. Everything was exceptional and beautifully presented. I recommend Danko's enjoyed with one or two other people only. The service, although still more than adequate, starts to falter with large groups.

    1. Depends on what your definition of "must visit" is, how many nights you're spending in town, what your budget is, if you're looking for other top dollar experiences, etc. By and large, I'd put it on my short list of destinations for top dollar, fine dining. There are many, many posts about GD on the board; try a ctrl-f search for more recent ones.

      As for limiting the size of your party, I've dined there as a party of 2, a party of 4 and a party of 10 or 12 (in a private room) and always found the service to be quite fine--no degradation as group size increases.

      1. Well, it depends. GD is my fallback restaurant for all special occasions. Food and service are always solid. However, it's an experience you're likely to get in any metropolitan restaurant of its stature, so it's not a "San Francisco" experience, if you know what I mean. If that's not a consideration though, you should definitely go.

        1. The restaurant is somewhat "predictable" in that usually the menu doesn't change drastically, and the food isn't super "creative" or "off the wall' that you might see at other places. But it's dependably GOOD. I love it there.

          BUT if you're only going to one expensive type place for your trip, you should probably go to another restaurant like La Folie, or The dining room at the Ritz. Or trek to Chez panisse across the bay for the original "Californian" cuisine.

          1. The original comment has been removed