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Jun 10, 2007 09:01 AM

Miyabi on Highway 7- any recent visits?

Has anyone been to Miyabi recently?
Would you recommend anything in particular?

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  1. I findi it's a good reliable place for homey cooked dishes. I usually get the udon, chawanmushi and a few other things. However, a friend's recent visit was disasterous, so he tells me. His rolls were falling apart. Perhaps it was just an off day, all restaurants go through that now and then.

    I generally don't order sushi from there anyway, so I will return. Inaho is another option that is a few minutes away.

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      Thanks Aser, I hadn't thought of trying Inaho.

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          155 East Beaver Creek Road
          Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2N1

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          I'm not sure if anybody else has experienced this, but I've gotten ridiculously slow service on the two occasions that I went to Miyabi. Granted, they were both on Friday nights. But who wants to wait 1 hour for food to hit the table - especially on a Friday night??

          The recent visit was even more hair-pulling than the first, which I thought was perhaps just one of those nights. My partner and I ordered the sushi and sashimi set ($62) supposedly for "3-4 people" so we didn't order any appetizers. Perhaps we should have known better because we were waiting for 1 hour drinking green tea and when the set did arrive, it was barely enough for 2 poeple. Sashimi came in threes but there was only one of each kind of sushi. Plenty of sake and kappa maki. I can't imagine 3 - let alone 4 - people sharing the tiny set. The fish portions were of very good quality but there has to be similar quality at a better value (and in a more timely manner!) elsewhere.

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            No, you're not the only one who's gotten very slow service. The first time my family and I tried Miyabi was a Wednesday and the restaurant was about two-thirds to three-quarters full. Weweren't the only ones to experience slow service, everyone got their stuff fairly slowly.

            The waitress didn't give us menus until we had to ask, ditto for ordering and refills of green tea. The first dish came to us 30 minutes after we ordered (spinach ohitashi) which was definitely made in advance and cooked dishes 45 minutes after we ordered. They were understaffed in the front and the kitchen, but it was still maddeningly frustrating to wait so long. The food was ok, not fantastic -- the oyakodon was filling and good, the nabeyaki udon overcooked, the okonomiyaki disappointing in flavour and texture, and the handrolls were very acceptable and the nori still crisp.

            I also saw a poor couple order a sushi/sashimi set and wait 50 minutes for their food to arrive. All they could do was drink green tea and watch other people get their food.

            Although I would like to give Miaybi a second chance because the food isn't bad and I'd love to try their omuraisu, I don't want to wait that long for my food ever again, especially when one is starving as all of us were that night.

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              I also remember service being on the slow side there. I also had to wait and flag down the waitress for menus and tea after sitting for a long time with nothing. I don't think it's deliberate, but it's a little silly....

              The food was alright, but I didn't order special rolls.. so it really was nothing outstanding. I should remember to order special rolls to see what they can offer.
              I also ordered the takoyaki, if i'm remember correctly, but I really like Kenzo's takoyaki the best :)

          2. Ummm... It is not fast but I don't recall I have much problem with the slow service there.

            It still got the best yakisoba in town that I have tried, better than Kenzo, J-town..... Any other suggestion for good yakisoba ? Is Inaho good ?

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              inaho is cheaper, and the focus is more on sushi. The selection of cooked dishes are not as enticing as miyabi. I usually order chirashi here and it's about $17 if I recall.