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Jun 10, 2007 08:49 AM

Vegetarian "buffet" (pay by weight)?

So I woke up this morning craving a vegetarian pay by weight buffet style restaurant a la Green Door or the Table in Ottawa, and it occurred to me that I don't know of any such places in Toronto! Well, I have heard that there's le Commensal here, but taking a quick poke around on here, it doesn't appear to be highly rated. (The reviews all appeared to be several years old, however.)

Are there any other similar places? Is le Commensal worth checking out to satisfy my craving or should I skip out on it entirely? I don't need a stellar meal; I just want some decent-to-good food with some nice desserts, and preferably a good non-vegan (which I often find lacklustre) selection.

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  1. I've been to le Commensal a few times. It's not bad, but if you have a craving based on something really good, it might be disappointing. Then again, there's only one way to find out, and the food is decent so I say give it a try. Let us know how it stacks up to your Ottawa favorites.

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    1. re: idnas

      I like Le Commensal, but I brought a friend twice, who has a sensitive stomach, and both times he ended up getting the runs, however I was fine. YMMV.

      They do have a good selection including desserts, both vegan and vegetarian choices.

      1. re: Teep

        The problem with Le Commensal is that, as far as I know, nothing is cooked on-site. It is all prepared in their facility in Laval, Quebec, and shipped here, so nothing is freshly made.

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          Seriously? I didn't even like their food in Montreal! Except for the salad bar greens and the real whipped cream (too bad the desserts weren't better).

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        1. Not vouching for quality or taste here, but the flagship Noah's store at Bloor and Spadina (north side, near the current Fresh by Juice for Life) used to have vegetarian and vegan pay-by-weight food...and Whole Foods (in Hazelton Lanes downtown, plus Oakville) has tons of rather exhorbitantly priced pay-by-weight foods, both veg. and meaty...

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            definetely check out Whole Foods. (for take out - pay by weight). Everything is always yummy, fresh, tasty etc etc.
            Would you consider a vegan restaurant??

            1. re: domesticgodess

              I would consider vegan, if it sounded great!

              1. re: vorpal

                fressen restaurant on queen st. west....great atmosphere, great food...we ordered 7 dishes (amongst 2 couples)..all but one were winners!!

                1. re: domesticgodess

                  It should be noted, however, that Fressen is not a buffet restaurant.