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Jun 10, 2007 07:59 AM

What is bread cheese?

I was at Whole Foods yesterday, and noticed bread cheese at the cheese counter. When I asked the guy behind the counter, he said you could use it to make grilled cheese. Narrows it down. I asked if it was like halloumi which is what it kind of looked like. He didn't look like he knew but paused and said, "umm, yeah." I've googled it and can't find anything about it. This was cheese, not a mixture of bread and cheese or a sandwich. Has anyone had it/seen it?

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  1. I haven't eaten it, but now that I know a bit about it I will check it out. It's a finnish cheese named Juustoleipia. Here are a couple links to look at: (scroll down to see this cheese)

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      That's it--looks interesting. I wasn't sure if it was a Whole Foods creation like their smiling charlie (the mix of two cheese so it looks like a smiley face and they can charge a lot more for it)--I think that's what it's called. They don't say what it tastes like, though, or what it's best used for. Maybe I'll go to our cheesery and ask.

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        below is a link to a brief article on juustoleipa in the ny times to help you get a general idea of the taste. enjoy!

    2. I ordered some from igourmet and thought it was interesting. It tastes pretty good heated up with either honey or preserves. It's ok plain. I wouldn't think to make a sandwich with it though.

      1. I recently purchased some Carr Valley Cheese bread cheese that was a taste demo at the grocery store. I LOVE it! I warmed it in a fry-type pan on a mid-warm burner. Then, served it with something sweet. I used a strawberry jam one time and a blueberry sauce the 2nd time. The blueberry sauce was really good (just cooked them in microwave for about 3 minutes, sweetened with Splenda and added one of crystal lemonade water flavoring packets to add some tartness. This was kind of like a firm cheesecake-type dessert . I eat low carb and this made a great dessert without lots of carb. A friend indicated she's had it served in coffee--she said to put it in a cup and then add the coffee. I haven't tried that yet. I recommend you give cheese bread a try.

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          Thanks--what kind of consistency is it when it's warmed?

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            i wouldn't compare it to french toast unless you make rubbery french toast. it very clean, smooth, and a bit squeeky. it does not melt but softens when heated. similar to queso para frier. i am actually going to try and pair frying cheese with honey and preserves as the cost is much much cheaper!

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            I can't picture cheese and coffee - but, one of those links said it tasted similar to french toast... so maybe. I picture the texture to be similar to brie???

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              I picked some up from Whole Foods. I don't know what the quality is (though it was pretty pricy). I was disappointed. It was like a bland salty mozzarella with a rubbery consistency. Nothing like brie or french toast consistency.

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                i did the same -- and thought the about same especially for the price. perhaps fresh from a finnish farm would be a different story.

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                  Brie? French toast? The guy sampling Carr Valley bread cheese at Wegmans told me and my kid it tasted like pizza. We tried it and he was exactly right. My kid is not a big cheese lover but he loved this stuff. So we bought a block of it. Hope to try it this weekend.

                  I agree it's not cheap for pizza cheese. But it's a pretty cheap way to get out of Wegmans. 8>D

                  1. re: Bob W

                    Yeah, bread cheese vs all those carry out goodies you have to pass...:-) I was recently at WF and they had samples of them so I gave it a try again. It does taste like pizza. I think it would be good for any occasion where you need cheese to hold its form. Hmmm, might be fun for kids parties. Cut them w/ cookie cutters and grill.

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                I had the Carr Valley garlic bread cheese this weekend and it was amazing. I wish I would have purchased more to bring back with me.

                Do they still sell it at Wegmans? It is a bit of a drive for me but I would totally make it for more of the cheese.

              3. You can also get juusto from Babcock Dairy at UW in Madison, Wisconsin! They have jalapeno juusto too!!! Yum!

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                  I've had Juusto and have just found Carr Valley, which is still unopened. I love it. It's burnt cheese! I do not favor pizza or lasagna, but I love the cheese. It's burned/charred. It is rather expensive and have no idea why. The concept seems pretty simple. Maybe someone could explain? I will buy it again; I only eat a bit at a time. Most excellent when heated in the microwave for 15 sec.

                2. surprisingly, they had some at the large-scale chain grocery here in central texass.
                  it was labeled as a swedish cheese, and came in a plank-like shape with light golden brown markings on the outside.

                  i loved the sh*t of it!
                  i put it in a medium high non-stick pan and got it nice and brown.
                  cold, it was a little greasy and vaseline-ish.
                  but warm, it turned into something nutty and flavorful.
                  at first, i heaped differnet things on the browned, gooey little bites: ginger jam, strawberry preserves, good mustard.
                  towards the end, i just ate it plain.

                  it was worth the $8 or so for the package, and i would eat it all over again.

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                    I live in Houston. What chain grocery store did you find that at, and how much did you get for $8?


                    1. re: danhole

                      i found it at one of the rather basic HEBs (not an HEB plus) here in northwest austin.
                      it was sold by the pound, at about $10 a pound, and made by a midwestern dairy.
                      it was a fair-sized plank and could have given a few servings, but i was being a greedy cheese hog and ate it all by myself!

                      sadly, i didn't think to write down any info on the label, and that's all i can remember.

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                        We have a super HEB in Houston, and I found the "bread cheese" there last night. They had regular and jalapeno. I haven't tried it yet (I will tonight) but I was so excited just to find it! It was $9.99 per pound, and I only got a $6.00 piece, but now I know where to get it.

                        1. re: danhole

                          I bought this cheese at trader joe's about a month back. I followed one of the cooking options and just heated it up briefly in the microwave, then cut into squares. It reminded me of mozzarella sticks without the frying.... quite tasty, but still quite greasy

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                            i was just logging in to post that they have a consistent supply of packages in the $6-9 range at my local HEB.
                            the jalapeno caught my eye the other night, but i tried the plain.
                            and i really did not do anything with it other than heat it up and shove it in my mouth.

                            it was greasy, but oh so good.
                            i think the fat content has something to do with its heft and shape, kind of like the opposite of triple creme cheeses that fall apart on you.

                            i think this would be a great base for bite-sized appetizers-- stack some small tasty things on a toothpick, with the cheese as the anchor.

                            you could even split a piece open like a book, and put some things inside (i wonder if a savory/spicy jam and dollop of something else would work).