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Sides with crab cakes

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I would like to make crab cakes as a main course and am having a hard time coming up with complementary sides. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Parmesan-pepper orzo (cook orzo, mix with a bit of parmesan, butter, cream and plenty of black pepper)
    Roasted asparagus

    1. I like to serve them with a light salad, like a spring mix tossed with a vinaigrette. Maybe a little thinly sliced fennel and tomato tossed in too. Serve a simple soup course before that, like a roasted tomato, and you've got a great meal.

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        Same here sqwood. Crab cakes and a nice side salad is all I need and it pairs so well. I love corn and crab so a corn relish is something I've done.

      2. Crab cakes are so rich and slightly sweet. An astringent, fresh tomato salad would be great as a contrast. Polenta or cheese grits would really go well with both items.

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          I like a tomato salad, too, w/ avocados and a lime/lemon viniagrette.

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            That sounds great, I'll have to try that one. I think crab cakes need a little acidity on the side to balance the fried flavor. Plus it helps wake up your taste buds for the crab. I saw some heirlooms hitting the markets this week. A mix of colored tomatoes would look beautiful with crab cakes.

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              These are all great ideas, exactly up my alley. Thanks to all. In addition to a classic remoulade I've also made a curried coconut avocado puree to go on top of crab cakes before, which as strange as it sounds, goes very well. I often make tabouli, but don't think I'll have time for that, so I'll do the tomato salad. And maybe I'll start with an asparagus soup.

        2. I would try a fun asian slaw with lots of lightly marinated veggies, and black sesame seeds - rice wine vinegar base...with wilted greens. I do think the fresh tomato ideas are great, we don't have freshies yet. I might head in the direction of gazpacho if its hot where you are...

          1. Keep it simple...fresh corn on the cob, tomato salad with s&p, vinegar & oil and roasted asparagus.

            Allow that crabt to SHINE!

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              I second this suggestion. Some kind of fresh corn--either on the cob, or off and lightly sauteed in butter with fresh herbs--as well as other bounty from the farmers' market. I like cuke salad, sliced tomatoes dressed lightly with oil and vinegar or lemon juice/zest, and a loaf of crusty bread. DANG! I wish it was corn and tomato season here in Virginia!

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                I like these ideas a lot. I'd also add that a cucumber salad is really refreshing and easy. And with crab cakes being so rich, it will make the meal feel a little lighter.

              2. What style is the crab cake?The curry and coconut sauce sounds intriquing. Are you wanting the sides to be in this direction? If so Coastie's suggeestion of Asian slaw and using the black sesame seeds to me, sounds really good.

                1. Your post inspired our meal last night. We made crab cakes with dungeness crab (we're in SF). Served them on top of a small bed of spring mix drizzled with olive oil. Spicy remoulade for the cakes.

                  Side was an heirloom tomato salad. I thinly sliced some fresh fennel and marinated it in lemon juice, oil oil, s/p for an hour. Tossed the tomatoes & fennel with a light vinaigrette (port vinegar and olive oil with a splash of the lemon marinade from the fennel).

                  Thanks for the inspiration!

                  1. I find that brown rice with diced tomatos and as well as a side of asparagus pairs well with crab cakes. Also another veggy is fresh green beans and baby carrots. Both of the the veggys being prepared with either balsamic and herbs or a little bit of oil and herbs