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Jun 10, 2007 07:03 AM

Lotus of Siam

I have been hearing so much about Lotus of Siam, and I would love to try it, however, my sister who is going to Vegas with me, is not so adventurous. If it was up to her, we'd be eating Italian every day. Is there anything at LOS that is good for the less-adventurous type?

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  1. Might get some argument, but I'm going to say no. The "standard" Thai dishes (satay, mee krob, etc.) that newcomers to the cuisine get started with are among the least interesting dishes available. Maybe your best bet is to go for the lunch buffet allowing sis to sample little bits of this and that see if she likes it.

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      So, what do you recommend at Lotus, adventuresome or otherwise? Any stand-out dishes? Would appreciate your thoughts (and anyone else's).

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        Thanks. Maybe I will try the buffet. Maybe after a few cocktails she will loosen up!

      2. I tried the buffet about two years ago and I definitely would not recommend it. It wasn't even mediocre. I've also had menu dishes there two times and I guess I ordered the wrong things because I was not impressed with those either. But everybody else thinks it's great!

        1. Certainly. The last time I was there the fish special (sea bass I believe) was wonderful and would have appealed to anyone who likes fish. While the noodle dishes are not always the best dishes there, many would make good intros to Thai food for a newbie. Many of the soups are wonderful, and it is hard to imagine someone not liking them. The key would be to order all the dishes (or at least those for your sister) with low heat levels (lets say 1 or 2 on a scale of 10) unless your sister likes spicy dishes. Urge her to choose things with ingredients that she is comfortable with (like chicken, for example). I like to think that (for most people) taste will overcome fears.

          While I do not have personal experience with the buffet, I have never heard anything good about it.


          1. Last time we were in LOS, we let the older waitress order for us (a highly recommended option, as everything she's chosen has been great). You might ask her do order for you and suggest your sister's outlook, I imagine she can suggest some good things.

            One thing we got last time were some barbecued shrimp. They were simply butterflied and grilled, then served with a lime juice and fish sauce-based sauce that was really tasty and pretty straightforward. I'm not sure if you'd consider curry adventurous, but their red curry is excellent IMO, and if you get it made not too spicy, I'd think it was one of the safer choices on the menu.

            Also, the drunken noodle sea bass doesn't have anything odd in it, and is one of the better things they have.

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              thanks everyone. I think I'll give it a try!

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                I've been to LOS numerous times and I've never had really good luck with that older waitress. The one with the glasses? She always recommends only the expensive items and we think kind of pushy hard sell even when you turn her down. It took me a couple of times to figure out her MO. I used to think she was just friendly.

                One early visit before I figured it out, I went by myself and was stuffed full with three dishes. She stopped and checked on me and I commented how well everything tasted and how full I was. She insisted I order the mango and sticky rice. I told her I had no room but she kept insisting saying I could do it and save the leftovers. I relented and she put in an order for the entire set of dessert including the ice cream and fried bananas. I paid for it all since I wasn't completely sure I didn't agree and chalked it up to a miscommunication but since then I know better. I've noticed unless you're very specific, she'll put in a larger more expensive order.

                Last visit, just to test it out again, when she swung by our table and I told her that it was my friends first time and what did she recommend. She immediately said the lobster special. I had warned my friends about her ploy and to let me do the talking. I said we weren't big lobster fans and was there anything else. She kept on insisting on the lobster even though we kept on saying no and asking for other suggestions. She finally just said, no suggestions and walked away in a huff leaving the other waiter to take our order.

                If we weren't such big fans of the place, her attitude would make us stop going.

              2. Had the same dilemma last week - have been wanting to try for years, but am usually in LV with at least one non-Thai fan friend. We went to the lunch buffet and I ordered off the menu. Both my dining companions were extremely pleased with the buffet - I tried a few things off their plates and agreed. Surprised by the negatives I've heard about it.

                Personally, I had the Nam Kao Tod (minced sour sausage) to start - fantastic and highly recommended - unlike anything at my local Thai restos. I'll have to get it everytime (but still try additional dishes).

                Followed with Kang Omm - a red curry (with chicken in my case). It was good, but didn't find it fantastic.