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Jun 10, 2007 06:48 AM

Has anyone tried Octopus' Garden on Route 9 in Mayetta?

We've driven past this place several times but haven't tried it yet. It looks nice from the outside and it's always busy.

I believe the location is Mayetta, although it might be Cedar Run.

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  1. I've never tried it but co-workers have and remarked that it was good. I don't recall anymore details. Sorry.

    1. Our family had a birthday celebration dinner ther last September. The resaurant is nicely decorated in neutral colors for an understated elegance. It features a large glass window so the diners can view the kitchen and chefs at work. It must be well insulated because as I recall, it was soundproof. The food was good, service was fine and I would go again. The owner/chef also owns the Octopus's Garden in Surf City.

      1. I'm going there this evening for dinner. Will report back in.

        1. I ate there with my sister-in-law. Nice atmosphere. Good food and service. It is BYOB. Pricing is good for quality and quantity. Call for a reservation if you are dining on a Fri/Sat night.