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Jun 10, 2007 05:13 AM


Just a quick review of our meal last night. Overall, very similar to the Manhattan location. Service was perfunctory at best, our waitress seemed quite grim the entire evening. High points; The popovers were even better than I remembered, the mozzarella and tomato salad (a special) was quite fresh and the onion rings were light and delicious. Low points; the porterhouse for two was a little tough and there was not much meat once it was cut off the bone. The hash browns and dessert were mediocre, as was the appetizer of bacon. Overall, a little disappointing and quite expensive. We really enjoyed BLT Steak in Manhattan on our first visit but since then I've been disappointed (3 times total) and don't see myself going back to either location.

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  1. I agree; in fact, your visit was better than mine. BLT Steak has its advocates but I wouldn't go back.

    1. Thanks for the review, Just out of curiosity could you explain your appetizer a little further. In my mind I'm picturing going to a top end steak house and getting served a plate of diner bacon for about $13! :)


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        I had lunch there several weeks ago, and I was not expecting to like it, having read quite a bit here. And then I found the mood of the place somewhat ... annoying. But, I must admit, the filet was the best I have ever had, and the braised carrots were sensational.

        The prices, of course, are ridiculous.

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          The bacon was $9.00. There were four good sized slices but they were limp and soggy, not very appetizing. Nothing like the bacon at Peter Lugers.

        2. I went a couple of months ago and I will say that my filet was the best I have ever had but the service and atmosphere was ATROCIOUS. I have never had a meal that expensive in such uncomfortable surroundings. Bright, harsh light, over croweded, loud music...not worth it!

          1. I was there a few months ago also and had a decent meal, but it wasn't great. The highlight of the evening were the popovers (which I made at home a few weeks ago and they knocked my socks off again!). The main complaint I had is that I couldn't hear anything the people I was sitting with were saying! The noise level will prevent me from going there again as I don't like to eat at either 5 or 10 p.m.

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              Can you post your recipe for the popovers on the home cooking board? :)

            2. I took a client to lunch there about two weeks ago. Not a good choice. Steaks came out with the little plastic cows in them that said "rare" and "med rare" - come on... can you say "self service food line at Ponderosa?" My steak was delicious though. At least that half you could eat. The other half was fat lines and tendon or something you just couldn't chew enough. I think I just got a bad steak. Happens. However, shouldn't happen at their prices and when the waiter sees a plate with what looks like a steak carved up with a chainsaw left on a diner's plate, he/she might want to at least ask if everything was ok. Won't be back.