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Jun 10, 2007 02:26 AM

some questions about Ashland places to eat

My friend and I are taking our annual trip to Ashland...I could have sworn I saw somewhere, chamber of commerce directory or somewhere, that there was a hotel that had afternoon teas...but I sure can't find it now. Anyone know where we can go for afternoon tea, the real thing, with scones and such? Is Miguel's still open? (It is in the old RockNRolla location on Clover) Has Callahan's opened again since the fire? Are there any new inexpensive places you would recommend for lunch and dinner? As before,we need places that are handicap accessable for a wheelchair. Thanks!

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  1. The Tea was at the Ashland Springs, but it is kaput. Callahan's is to reopen, but not yet. Miguel's is still there.
    Another very good new Mexi place is El Arriero on 66 on the edge of the Albertson's shopping center. This is their 2nd location, other is in West Medford on West Main.
    Inti in Talent is tasty casual Mex, great for lunch on the outdoor patio.
    And Lela's on A street for lunch is still fun. Also, Soco's La burrita has a little burro place in the Underground Marketplace on 3rd st.

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      Romagic, my friend turned me on to Thursdays here:
      handicap friendly.
      And Bonsai, a local sushi/teriyaki mini chain, has taken over the Hummingbird & Raven spot, also in the Albertson's parking lot out buildings.