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Jun 10, 2007 01:12 AM

Cheesesteaks at the Steak Depot in Hollywood?

Even though I am a major fan of the Cheesesteak (at least the ones in Philly), I haven't hit most of the wannabes out here. Then I got a flyer on this new place in Hollwood called Steak Depot. They talk a good game on the literature but which place doesn't. Anybody try it yet?

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  1. I've always been tempted to go, but with Cactus Taqueria so close, I always end up there instead for my Vine Street cravings.

    1. As I recall, they are good, not as good as Fredos or Philly West, but I have been a few times and liked it.

      1. its ok . . . the bread is a big old baguette vs the amaroso roll and i think it throws the whole thing off. but, in LA you have to make do.

        1. It's hardly "new," BTW -- been there for years. Evidently somebody likes it, though I've never made a second trip.

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            Is this the place at Santa Monica & Vine? If so, it's been there for many years.

            I went a couple of times when I lived in the area (this is in the late 1990s), and there were no authentic or semi-authentic places around.

            Not really worth it. First of all, they don't do a big enough business to do it right. The meat should be cooking on the grill with the onions for a long period of time, but here they just throw it all on at once.

            Also, no cheez whiz and no Amoroso roll. The roll they do use is really nothing like it, either.

            Go to Philly's Best somewhere. Or Luigi Ortega's. Or Fredo's, apparently.

            1. re: Muskrat

              Guess their flyers just made it out to me. Thanks for the recs (or lack of).