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Jun 9, 2007 11:02 PM

Romantic but comfortable...

Sticky situation -- need to take a very important guy to the right place. Not too swanky, not too steered towards couples, etc. Think the South Street Seaport is really romantic, but not sure where to eat around there. Any suggestions? He'll be here for three days, then moving out of the country for two years :-( HELP!

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  1. People's perception of what makes a restaurant romantic can differ. Some think lots of flowers and frou frou are what does it; others think more along the lines of understated elegance. I'm in the latter camp and, in my view, Veritas fits that description to a "t."

    To begin with, Chef Scott Bryan's New American cuisine is superb and, of course, the wine list is one of the most extraordinary in the city. Service is pleasant and professional. The elegant contemporary decor and just-right lighting are soothing. Seating is very comfortable, and the music (usually jazz) is, thankfully, kept low, which helps to maintain the conversation-friendly noise level.

    Note: When you reserve, be sure you will be seated in the main dining area, not in the front near the bar. And I suggest you request the table at the corner of one of the two banquettes.

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      Hey - thanks for the reply! I looked at the menu, and I think I'm looking for something a little more funky -- hole in the wall, etc. Any other suggestions?

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        Hole in the wall? Hmmm.... How about Tides, on the LES? Blink as you walk by and you'll miss it. A teensy fish/seafood shack with delicious food and hip decor, including a most unusual ceiling.

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        I think that Apizz in the Lower East Side and Alta in the West Village are both romantic (which is a very subjective thing) and have great food. For something a little more hole in the wall yet very cozy, with killer asian food, try Cafe Asean (w. 10th St, b/t 6th Ave & Greenwich Ave.).

      3. I recently took my girlfriend to Barbone for a romantic splurge (well for students its a splurge, but its a relative bargain for nice NYC dining). They have a nice backyard patio and the food is funkier, or at least more creative, than more traditionally romantic restaurants. Its also a formal ambiance but definetely not stuffy or too steered towards couples.

        As for restaurants near south street seaport, most the places in the area are touristy and I am not sure why anyone would consider it very romantic other than for the fact that its on the water.

        1. For I very low-key, inexpensive romantic place the Boat Basin on the West side is great. I went last year for my birthday and, especially at sundown, it was very romantic.

          1. Most of the restaurants at the South Street Seaport are NOT romantic. What does romantic mean to you? The sushi place on the corner of Peck Clip and Front Street has candles, is fairly quiet, modern decor, view of Brooklyn Bridge, you could stroll by the East River afterwards . . . Mark Joseph is a steakhouse, NOT romantic. Acqua or Buon 'Amici are a little romantic (candles on tables, good Italian food, quiet, small). Almost forgot about Salud! - Somewhat romantic, Tapas, sometimes music . . . As sambossaniova mentioned neighborhood can be quite touristy.

            1. I guess I think the South Street Seaport is romantic because of the water -- I definitely don't like the tourists either. I guess romantic to me is hard to describe; not too uppity, good food, comfortable ambience, layed back... hard to describe I guess... Thank you!!!

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                There is also a new little French place at the end of Front Street (right before you see B. Bridge). Another possibility, but I have not been there yet. It looks small and cozy.