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Jun 9, 2007 10:15 PM

City Bakery

what does everyone think of City Bakery in the Brentwood Country Mart

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  1. The biggest disappointment to hit Brentwood in the past five years. I had such high hopes, but their lack of variety, crazy prices, silly use of space drove me out about a year ago. Good cookies, though.

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      I second the good cookie tag. They are really sweet, but they get the texture of the chocolate chip just right. Everything else has struck me as fairly bland. I'm always mildy excited by the pea encrusted tofu with the wasabi sauce and I always have to try it and I always end up saying "eh."

    2. I practically grew up at the Brentwood Country Mart and I am devastated at what it has become. City Bakery is an unmitigated disaster. It's a big barren warehouse space. I met two friends for lunch yesterday at the Mart. One quick look at the tired salad bar at City Bakery convinced us to get to the patio for either a Reddi-Chick basket or fare at Barneys. City Bakery was empty; the patio was filled with happy diners munching on chicken baskets and Barney's salads and burgers. The cookies from City Bakery are so cloyingly sweet that it makes your teeth hurt.

      1. I only like the lemonade.

        Agree with Maudie - terrible thing to do to the Mart, where I also grew up. What's with that cavernous space? And, the food always looks so unappetizing, to me. Whatever I do choose to get, turns out bland.

        1. The only thing that I will pick up --- IF I'm walking around that area --- is the pretzel crossiant. The cookies were very sweet and too big. I expected a bit more from them after seeing the article in LA mag when they opened.

          1. I was there (under duress) as recently as Friday and wanted to echo the negative comments made here. I actually, though, don't hold the ownership entirely, or even principally, responsible for the fiasco that is City Bakery. It is catering to a clientele that seems only too happy to pay out ridiculous sums for very undistinguished food and drink. In that, the owners probably understand their audience very well. But, anyone who actually prizes optimal-quality food at a reasonable (not laughable) price will find much else that's better, in the Mart and just about anywhere else in Brentwood. To go there is simply to encourage the ownership to continue on doing what they're doing badly, but profitably.