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Jun 9, 2007 10:05 PM

I'm looking for wild berries to pick

I live in Brookline, but also work in Beverly, thus both vicinities are fair game. I'm looking for find where some raspberry/blackberry/blueberry/grapeleaves/any other berry or bush or fruit or veggies grow wild. In the woods, in the city, anywhere. I'd love to pick some stuff to cook with. Any help here?

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  1. The berries you seek won't be ripe until July or later. Some of those haven't even flowered yet! Sorry, can't help you with specific locations -- much of the open land where these grow has been developed or is now protected (e.g., Audubon sanctuaries where picking is strictly prohibited). You might try looking for town forests or state parks. Blackberries and wild grapevines often grow by railroad tracks, roadsides and other untended areas, but pollution is a consideration.

    If wild food foraging is your thing, you might want to get a copy of "Wild Plants I Have Known...And Eaten" by Russ Cohen. Very informative and has excellent recipes, unlike some of the other guides.

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      Here's a link to Russ' schedule too:

      His foraging walks are fantastic.

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        How about Smolak Farms in Andover: ?
        I just caught their ad on the TV, and they're starting strawberry picking now, will be doing raspberries soon. Kind of a family place, but I hear the berries are good.

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          Smolak's berries are very good, but it's a planted farm, not the wild berries the OP is looking for.

    2. I have friends who go berry picking around Walden Pond. Not sure if it's legal, but no one has ever stopped them.

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        It is indeed very much illegal to remove anything from a state reservation. If you get caught, the state police (on site mounted unit) will take your pickings.

      2. I used to fo blueberry picking with my grandfather in the Fellsway woods in Stoneham, Malden, Medford. But that is much later in the summer. I wish I could remember exactly where we went, as i am sure there must still be blueberries there. My grandfather was a baker, and he made the best pies!

        1. I'm not sure if people know about Turkey Hill Farm in Haverhill, but I'll put a plug in for them. It's a close neighbor of mine, and this family runs a nice operation.

          1. the island of cuttyhunk has amazing blackberries, beginning, i believe, in late july. not to be missed !