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Jun 9, 2007 09:54 PM

Memphis-style ribs in the Hartford/Springfield area?

I've discovered that I L-O-V-E love Memphis-style ribs, but haven't been able to find anywhere other than chains (Ruby Tuesday, Chilis) that have them. I'm in Enfield, so someplace within a reasonable drive time would be fabulous. I adore Little Mark's in Vernon, but they don't do Memphis-style. Not a fan at all of Taste of Texas in South Windsor, so they're out. Help me get my rib fix!

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  1. Does Chef Wayne's Big Mamou ever make ribs? Because if I was up in Springfield, I'd go there. I love that place, but it's more cajun than BBQ. It was what sprung to mind first.

    My Ex likes Little Mark's in Avon- they smoke for 6 hours, and not boil, which is good. The original is in Vernon, but he's only been to the Avon one. They even have a website. The menu's a little hokey, but if the foods good, who cares?

    Seeing as how he used to commute to Enfield to work, you could probably make it to Avon for ribs. ;-P

    1. I haven't found Memphis style (I assume you mean dry rub) ribs anywhere around this area. I'm also in Enfield - I usually drive north to Holy Smiokes in Western mass. ( for my q fix.

      1. There is a little joint in East Hartford called B&J's Indoor Barbecue on Burnside that does dry rub. I get the pulled pork and the pork butt sandwich when I'm there and I really enjoy it. I had a bite of my GF's dry rub and I enjoyed that as well but I am rib novice. They sign says closed Sunday's (open M-Sa) but they were open last week. The phone # is 860-291-8030.

        1. Actually, Smokin' L'ils BBQ in Northampton has them, but curiously, their dry rubbed ribs are on the menu as St Louis style, not Memphis. Pretty damn good. I was surprised. Decent cornbread and dirty rice, too. Collard greens were weird, diced and oft-putting. I like Holy Smokes as well (oh, the beef ribs are special!), but the prices are getting a bit too Manhattan-in New England precious for my comfort.

          1. I think The Cookhouse, which has a branch in E Hartford, has a dry rub BBQ rib on their menu, as well as a sauced one.