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Jun 9, 2007 08:51 PM

Boule Atelier - What is it?

So this new Boule Atelier is going in a few doors down from the original Boule on La Cienega. Does anyone know what this is? Are they simply enlarging Boule and giving it a new name - "Atelier" as opposed to "Bakery," moving it away from the original concept - or will this new store be something in addition to the original Boule? The window shows a model holding Boule's trademark macaroons, so it's all a bit confusing.

I would hope that, with this new, enlarged space, Boule would return to what it did best - those amazing viennoiseries. Their croissants and especially the kouign amanns were the best thing in the store, and I miss them terribly. But they were swept out, along with the Mariage Frères teas. All the good stuff - or at least the stuff that doesn't smack of a high profit margin or could be sold via their website to people who read about the store in Vogue or Vanity Fair - is gone. I find Boule's chocolates to be overly fussy, and the whole concept, from the vitrine displays to the faux Tiffany packaging, is just too precious for me. (Nothing is just "chocolate" or "vanilla"; it's always "Venezuelan chocolate" and "Tahitian vanilla.") The ice creams are good, though. I like the grainy quality; it reminds me of the stuff made in an old-fashioned crank ice cream maker. But they're not enough to make me get in the Beverly Center chaos.

Does anyone know if there will be an expanded pastry selection at this new store? Will the viennoiseries return? What's the concept? I'm hoping it's not just more of the overpriced chocolates.

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    1. re: love2eat

      Thank you for the link, and thank you to Michelle Myers for bringing back the best thing about Boule -- the viennoiserie! The last time I was there, the staff told me I was far from being the only one missing them, and how can a shop name itself after a famous shape of French bread without actually selling any bread? When it first opened, I would never pass up the chance to go to Boule. The last time, after having to hang around until noon - What bakery opens at noon?! - to find all the things I wanted were no longer being sold, I lost the Boule bug. (I notice they've since adjusted their hours up a little in the morning again.) I'm looking forward to visiting the new atelier, though, and hopefully tasting those amazing kouign amann again.

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