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Jun 9, 2007 08:22 PM

Herring season!

In NYC, at places like the Grand Central Oyster Bar, Aquavit and Russ & Daughters, this is the time of year when you can eat fresh herring, a lovely and delicious season that only lasts a couple of weeks. Has anybody run across a place in the Los Angeles area, either a restaurant or a fishmonger, where fresh herring might be available?

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  1. Oh sweet herring, be still my heart. The question is: am I too cheap to order overnight from Russ & Daughters? They sent me an e-mail announcing the arrival of fresh herring from Norway. I don't know where to find it here, and I feel your pain. My favorite little stand was in Haarlem in The Netherlands. That's where my initiation took place and I've been bent for herring ever since. Here's the email that might have me doing something stupid with a credit card. - Joyce
    Russ & Daughters writes:
    The boats off of the Dutch fishing village of Schevenigen have come
    to harbor, the herring pushcarts have been rolled out on the streets, and
    the Queen has given her degustatory seal of approval. What does all of
    this mean? The Holland Herring season has offically begun! Once again,
    Russ & Daughters is carrying the New Catch Holland Herring, so don�t
    feel that you need to hop on a plane to try this once-a-year Dutch

    The New Catch Holland Herring is a piece of fish heaven. It�s a
    fabulous, buttery, and mild matjes herring. Traditionally, it is eaten
    by holding the two filletes attached at the tail and dropping the whole
    herring into your mouth. If you come to Russ & Daughter this time of
    year, chances are you�ll see a customer doing this right at our
    But don�t worry, we also offer them chopped in more manageable
    with fresh vidalia onion.

    So what makes this herring so special? Every year, herring in the
    Sea reach their optimal condition during a 4-5 week period in May or
    June. Water temperature and concentration of plankton, the herrings�
    primary food source, determine the start of the season. Once the
    reach a minimum of 16% fat content, they are able to hit the market as
    the famed �Hollandse Nieuwe (Dutch New). Since 14th century, the
    Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) festival in the historic fishing village of
    Scheveningen has kicked off the start of the season. Tradition holds
    that a barrel of the first and finest catch is also presented to Queen

    Don�t think you�re into herring? Well, here�s why you should be:
    1)It�s delicious.
    2)Think salmon is good for you? Well it is, but herring is even better.
    Herring has and even higher level of Omega-3 fatty acids. Clinical
    research is increasingly focused on the health benefits of herring.
    3)Ms. Hendrike van Andel-Schipper, the 115 year old woman who was the
    oldest person alive at the time of her death in
    2005, reported that the key to longevity was to keep breathing and eat

    Russ & Daughters is a direct importer of the New Catch Holland Herring,
    which sells for $3.99 per herring and $35.00 per pack of 10. Remember,
    season will only last until early July.

    Russ & Daughters delivers throughout New York City and ships
    For orders, please give us a call at (212) 475- 4880.

    Happy Herring Fest!

    Your friends at Russ & Daughters

    1. Just back from NYC and had one of these lovelies at Russ & Daughters'. Fatty and rich, the taste was exquisite.

      I haven't been able to find them in L.A. -- and it may be worth ordering them from Russ & Daughters'...

      1. Delicious, I keep them in my freezer year round.