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Jun 9, 2007 08:20 PM

Village Market & Bakery (Gardiner/New Paltz)

Village Market and Bakery (downtown Gardiner, across from the Post Office): Lunch place. Salad bar (marinated wheat berries, cukes in buttermilk dressing, lentils and parmesan...) comfort food lunch buffet (roast pork, sweet chili glazed chicken, mac n cheese) with pleasant surprises every day. Top notch Italian standards: lasagne, sausage and peppers... Fresh baked bread (amazing whole wheat italian bread), cakes and pastries. Good quality ingredients. Nice staff.

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    1. mark - i'm glad you finally got to check them out, living in new paltz and all; thought you'd disappeared from here!

      i've been a cheerleader of kristin's desserts for a couple years now (in fact, i've got to respond to her email later), finally got to the store the other day. the cream cheesecakes (apple, blueberry are flavors i've tried) are amazing. and unfortunately, i now also love the chocolate nightmares as well...

      my (5 yr old) daughter liked the pig cookie as well. but it was the pink and pig shape, more than the cookie, that was what she liked.