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Jun 9, 2007 06:07 PM

Corona Heights Pork Store

On the way to Lemon Ice King today I noticed that the Pork Store was open.
I had heard that it had closed. Does anyone know is it reopened under new ownership?
I was never there before it closed. What's good there these days?
What about Leo's?

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    1. re: jeangrand

      Wish you had stopped in so you could let us know what was up.

      1. re: Joe MacBu

        Make sure you got the right place--There are two similarly named delis and I made this mistake on a recent post and got blasted for raising people's hopes.
        As for Leo's, it's still great. Next nice Saturday morninig, grab a hero from the deli and a coffee from the bakery and sit in the backyard (behind bakery) for a little slice of paradise in Corona.

        1. re: abu applesauce

          The Corona Heights Salumeria is still there, as is I believe the Corona Pork Store, (and the Corona Park Salumeria is mysteriously in College Point), but, alas, the legendary Corona Heights Pork Store is long gone. Time to go to Leo's!

        2. re: Joe MacBu

          We did stop in, but it looked pretty mediocre, so I was assuming it was under different ownership. But perhaps it's the other one abu applesauce is refering to below.

          1. re: jeangrand

            Can you describe what they were selling? Did it appear Italian? Did the owners appear Italian? Do you remember the new name? Most important, what they're selling. What was in the showcase.

            1. re: Mike V

              Woodside Al solved the mystery. It was the Corona Pork Store. They had some dried sausages and deli meats... nothing out of the ordinary. The window display had bread and some Boars Head posters.
              Sorry everyone!

        3. re: jeangrand

          Passed by yesterday (Friday 3PM), and the CHPS was closed.