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Jun 9, 2007 04:43 PM

Lobster Rolls, Clams etc.Mystic, Stonington, Clinton or nearby

Help need a great spot for this SUNDAY pleases, Decadent deserts also??? Also ideas for for Fairfield County CT please. Thanks

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  1. In Stonington, I ate here a while back:
    Its on the water, very New England casual dockside vibe--food was quite serviceable, but not earth shattering. I plan to return someday because I recall it as a great day eating seafood outside watching the boats go by...

    1. Abbott's Lobster in the Rough (, in Noank, which is west of Mystic (exit 89 off of 95 rather than 90 I think for Mystic). However, it's picnic tables outside, and I would not stay for dessert. Instead, maybe head into the town of Mystic for ice cream and a walk across the drawbridge.

      1. Seaswirl in Mystic. Outside, extremely casual, paper plates, etc. Fried whole belly clams and really good soft serve ice cream too

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          The problem with Seaswirl is it is on a road, not near the water. Abbot's is more your typical spot that you think of for NE, on the water.

          1. re: rolise

            my dad's not a foodie, but loves lobster, and loves abbott's.

            i had posted asking if anyone knew a place nearly as good closer to northern nj, and no one replied, so i'm guessing that's as good as it gets that way...

        2. Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook and Madison for lobster rolls, clams, etc. T

          1. I like Abbotts also. Do not leave your food unatteded or a gull will steal it.