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Jun 9, 2007 04:14 PM

Cheese Please ... producers in BC???

Doing a family trip in southern BC and on the island in a couple weeks, and I would really like to source out a good cheese producers that offer tours and tasting. any suggestions?

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    1. Unfortunately, I don't know the title, but I just recently saw at The Cookbook Store in Toronto a new book on Canadian artisanal cheeses. Take a look at their website - it might be on there. Happy hunting!

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        The book is called: Canadian Artisanal Cheese by Gurth Pretty.

        Very informative!

      2. There are many cheese producers in BC and we have many here on Vancouver Island. If you go to Salt Spring Island you can visit the Salt Spring Island Cheese Co. that specialize in goat and sheep milk cheeses. Their shop on the farm is open 7 days a week during the summer. Back on Vancouver Island there is Hilary's Fine Cheese in Cowichan Bay. Their farm shop on Cherry Point Road is open on weekends and they have a new store in Cowichan Bay Village open Tuesday through Sunday. They have nice baguette sandwiches and soup to enjoy for lunch. Further up island is Little Qualicum Cheese and Natural Pastures in the Comox Valley. The book the earlier post was refering to is by Gurth Pretty and is called The Definitive Guide to Canadian Artisanal and Fine Cheeses available on There is more info available in Gurth's book about the rest of British Columbia. In Vancouver, be sure to visit the amazing Les Amis Du Fromage - 604-732-4218, 1752 2nd Avenue West.


        1. There is also the Carmelis Goat Cheese farm in Kelowna. Not sure if that counts towards your "Southern BC" criteria.


          1. I'm a big fan of Moonstruck Organic Cheese on Saltspring Island, especially their "Beddis Blue" which you can pick up at Urban Fare or Choices Market in Vancouver if you're lucky enough to see it!