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Jun 9, 2007 03:49 PM

Chowhound visiting Park Slope

So here I am, a SF Bay Area chowhound visiting my son and daughter-in-law and wanting to take them out for dinner - for my son's birthday. She is a vegetarian and he loves beef. I don't much like beef but fish or poultry. Don't have a ton of money to spend but maybe $20-25 per person for the entree. We all like interesting ethnic food of all kinds but he is craving beef because he never gets it. Help!!!!

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  1. Mr. Falafel is the only thing I can think of. 7th Ave between 3rd and 4th streets. Alchemy maybe on 5th and Bergen.

    1. i cant believe someone would recommend mr. falafel for a nice dinner with yr family but whatever.

      applewood on 11th street off of 7th ave is a board favorite and possibly my favorite restaurant in brooklyn. its a beautiful room on one floor of a brownstone. all locally sourced ingredients, friendly but competent service, warm and inviting...oh and the food just rules.

      i had dinner there just this past friday. david shea, the chef and owner works best with meat. i recommend his pork loan with carmelized apples and pork belly if its on the menu. it may be on the upper fringe of $25 entrees but i cant remember finding anything for much more.

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        I was at Applewood Friday evening also - and agree with all the comments above - if David was cooking in Manhattan he'd be 2 stars for sure. Minus the bottle of wine we had, the bill for 2 appetizers and 2 mains was $90.00. The crawfish risotto, diver scallops, sweetbreads and foie gras w/strawberries rocked!

        1. re: livetotravel

          maybe im mistaken but i couldve sworn they received two stars from the ny times. i always think of veritas when i go to applewood. bryan and shea seem to have similar talent with meat.

          i had the foie gras special myself on friday. while it was good, i think the portion was way small.

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            While Bruni wrote favorably about Applewood two years ago in Diner's Journal, he has never formally reviewed the restaurant. Adam Platt has however and awarded them 2 stars from NY Magazine in early 2005.

      2. Little D Eatery- should be within your price range and is fabulous. they have great mushroom apps for the vegetarians and such thing, great steak, delicious fish dishes. an all around excellent restaurant. besides that, Applewood is great too, Blue Ribbon great (tofu ravioli for the vegetarian). please skip the mr. falafel...

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          I suppose I'll be the first here to suggest Al Di La - need to get there early because it doesn't take reservations, but the menu will be able to accomdate all of you with aplomb. come to think of it, Palo Santo might be another good option (creative Mexican)

          1. re: eeee

            I have to second Palo Santo -- It's Latin American, and there's something for everyone, vegetarians and poultry and beef lovers alike. Prices are very reasonable.
            The restaurant itself is in an old brownstone building -- Eating there is truly a unique experience.

        2. I would recommend Convivium--it's a lovely setting with excellent Mediterranean food. There's a huge steak for 2, if you have 2 folks who are beef eaters (although that entree would bust your budget), but also a very good lamb dish that's within the budget, if that will do. For the vegetarian, there are several pasta alternatives.

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          1. re: Marion Morgenthal

            Applewood and al di la are the top restaurants in Park Slope. Little D, Blue Ribbon, and Convivium are coming up too. They can all be pricey (relatively speaking) but are worth it for sheer taste.

            Something cheaper and fun would be Cafe Steinhoff for German/Austrian food (probably not much on the vegetarian side). Song has great Thai food. Rosewater would meet all of your criteria for meat, veg, fish/poultry, price point.

            1. re: pastoralia

              I have to say that I disagree with Steinhoff as an option. Although it is a great place to sit outside for a beer (or a killer sour cherry martini) the food has been rather aweful. Overcooked, ugly plating, and generally bad flavor. Stick with Little D, if you want south slope. They also have a beautiful garden.

              1. re: crowlish

                Cafe Steinhof- home of the microwave rosti...

          2. Bogota Latin Bistro on 5th Ave. I've recommended this place before but other chowhounders are quick to shoot it down as it does suffer from consistency problems. I’ve had about an 80% success rate. Their prices are very reasonable and the portions are large. They have a very tasty skirt steak entree for about $16 and a ton of veggie choices. They also make superb mojitos which, while they may break the budget, are sure to guarantee a good time for all.

            Brooklyn Fish Camp, which is right across the street, is also pretty good. Fresh fish and shellfish. Entrees are probably more in the $20 range though.

            Al Di La is one of the best restos in NYC but in order to fully appreciate it you have to spend at least $30 per person (courses are small) and dedicate several hours including the wait.