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Jun 9, 2007 03:01 PM

Dining in Quebec (Old City)?

Will be spending next weekend in the Old City part of Quebec City. What's not-to-miss there?

TIA . . . Kaz

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  1. There is already an active thread on dining in Québec by someone staying in the Québec Hilton, right on the edge of le Vieux Québec. Central Québec is so small that it is just a few minutes' walk to St-Jean-Baptiste or down to St-Roch.

    I do love the little old café Chez Temporel, rue Couillard. That isn't really "dining" though they have good salads and croque-monsieur, wine and beer as well as good coffee.

    Unfortunately many of the restos within the walls are too touristy, but I'm sure there must be some worthy exceptions. Those government people and journalists do like to eat.

    Many of the original "haute cuisine" tables in Québec were founded by mariners from Italy and France... I remember "Au Parmesan" but that is 25 years ago - no idea of their current quality.

    Here is the Québec tourism bureau website:

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      Thanks very much. I've never been to Quebec before and would prefer non-touristy destinations, so your suggestions are right on target for me.


      1. re: Kaz Waz

        If you prefer non-touristy destination I don't think that "Au Parmesan" is a good place for you. Agree with lagatta you better avoid the restos within the walls, except for Le Patriarche ( ). And except for the littles groceries like Moisan or l'Épicerie européenne; gelato shop Tutto Gelato; chocolate Erico.

        You better go downtown (in St-Roch) where there is many great places : Largo ( ), l'Utopie ( ), café du clocher penché, La Cuisine for a home-made style "pâté chinois".

        Or in the Old Port : Laurie Raphaël ( ), Le Panache ( ). Make a search on this board for somes reviews.

        Have a good trip!

        1. re: vabou

          Moisan and Épicerie européenne aren't in "Old Québec" (that is, within the walls), they are in St-Jean-Baptiste, which remains a much more "inhabited" area.

          I'm glad to hear that Le Patriarche is worth a visit; there are so many restaurants within the walls that I can't believe none at all are decent. I'm so out of touch for Québec; used to know a lovely little place just within the walls and a sort of alternative place just above the climb from Lower Town, but in recent years every time I work there it is at conferences with food shipped in...

          yabou, ton premier lien ne marche pas... I think it is because you are inserting your links within brackets; as a result they don't work.

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            "[a bunch of French saying the links are inoperative]... I think it is because you are inserting your links within brackets; as a result they don't work."

            It's a software bug the Chow people have not seen fit to fix. All you have to do is delete the punctuation -- in this case the close parenthesis and the period -- from the end of the URL in the newly opened browser window/frame and then press Enter. The page will load properly.

            1. re: lagatta

              Sorry, of course you are right Moisan and l'Épicerie européenne are in St-Jean-Baptiste.

      2. Foodie friends who travel to Quebec City two to three times a month swear by Le clocher penché. While they enjoy other places like L'Utopie and Laurie-Raphaël, they feel most at home at LCP and find it consistently delivers good, imaginatively prepared food at a reasonable price. They say the wine list is very smart, too.

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        1. re: carswell

          Just ate at LCP last weekend - it was very good, service was friendly, would definitely recommend it. Also liked Toast in the Old City - had lunch there (actually, my 11-year-old son and I split a lunch there - there was enough for both of us...) L'Echaude (just down the street from Toast) looked great, and the food smelled even better, but we couldn't get a table there, it was too crowded - but it's probably worth checking out - just make sure to reserve in advance. I really liked Paillard as well, for coffee and breakfast. Avoid at all costs Le 48 St. Paul - it looks wonderful inside, but the food was truly awful, and service wasn't much better. I've had better hamburgers at McDonald's (which is really saying something). Most places within the walls are definitely too touristy, though.