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Where to eat in Bothell?

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My parents bought a place in Bothell - not far from the Canyon Park Park & Ride. Is there anywhere worth eating around there?


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  1. Bonefish is in the area. A seafood chain restaurant, it is among the best Bothell has to offer. Breakfast or lunch? Head for the Maltby Cafe.

    1. Oops, I forgot about Pen Thai in downtown Bothell. Yum. Hana Sushi across the street from Pen is also very good!

      1. Try Main Street Alehouse (next to Pen Thai). Food is better than your average "pub fare" and great beers on tap.

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          Thanks for the tips. I'll try these places, and let you know if I find anything good!

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            Makes me miss Gerard's Relais de Lyon just south of the produce market ... which for a time was among the top five in the NW. Anybody know where those folks went?

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              I miss Gerard's, too! It was such a wonderful place with fantastic food and impeccable service. From what I remember, Gerard and his wife got out of the restaurant business and are instead focusing on their smoked salmon business.

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                  Interesting. I had no idea that was the same person. Thanks!

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                  Gerard went in business with Dominic Place and created a smoked salmon biz.

            2. Another vote for Pen Thai on main street. Better than most, but LOUD. A good choice if
              you're not planning on conversation.

              1. Stella Mia's, up the Bothell-Everett Highway, and very close to Canyon Park, has excellent Italian food.

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                  here's a second for stella mia and your best bet though is a little drive north to zinnia in the mill creek town center. actually that center is a fun stop for chowhounds with the central market there and the different restaurants and at least 2 or 3 good bakeries. you can thank me later.

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                    I live within easy cycling distance of the Mill Creek town center. My favorite restaurant there for dinner is Zinnia. My favorite breakfast place is the Sawdust Grill. Azul has some good Mexican-inspired food while La Palmera is a classic Mexican place a notch higher than Azteca. Boston's Pizza is a generic pizza/pasta/salad/burger place but they do have Diamond Knot IPA on tap. I have heard umimpressive things about the new Hot Iron mongolian grill that has just opened but good things about the new ClayPit indian restaurant. I myself have not tried either of these. N'Joy sushi is pretty good. The Blazing Onion burger place has excellent onion rings, frozen Sysco desserts and mediocre burgers. Capri is a mediocre Italian restaurant, not yet opened, that is moving from 164th. I have not yet tried the Thai restaurant in the Town Center, but the menu looks promising. My two new favorite Thai restaurants in the greater area there are Jitlada Thai, up by McMenamin's on 132nd, and Zab, on 112th and Evergreen Way.

                2. Priya - my 2nd favorite Indian restaurant after Mayuri's in Redmond
                  Sushi Zen - from the same family who owns Umi/Bada Lounge in Belltown, I think.
                  Pen Thai is pretty good - downtown Bothell
                  Patty's Eggnest on 164th for breakfast
                  Zen Garden on Mill Creek Blvd - http://www.zengardenmillcreek.com/ (I wonder if they've replaced their chef yet - the scenary is nice despite the questionable food quality recently
                  )Ezell's Chicken in neighboring Lynnwood - Oprah has chicken from there Fedexed directly into her mouth every month
                  AA China Buffet in Everett - on Everett Mall Blvd; mass quantity over quality, but where else can you get prime rib, crab, sushi, shrimp, salmon, etc. for under $10?

                  Stay away from Tandoori Fire

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                    I agree with Sushi Zen ~ one of my all time favorite places to eat!

                  2. the Ranch Drive-in burger joint in downtown.