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Jun 9, 2007 02:38 PM

Sams of Gedney Way for rehearsal dinner

Someone suggested Sam's for a rehearsal dinner on a Friday night for about 60-80 people. We needed to stay in southeast Westchester. Being from out of the area it is hard to pick. Anybody know anything about the private space there and their catering?

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  1. The food is ok in the restaurant. Don't know what the catering is, however. They also do the catering at the CV Rich mansion which is down the street. Check out the pricing since the mansion would be more private and wedding like.

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      They are the caterers at the CV Rich but they also do parties in the restaurant. They have a very pleasant party space. I've been to events there and everything was good and nicely done. I am guessing that the menu would be whatever jstroose chose. At the party I went to the menu was not too exciting but I don't know what their budget was.

    2. I've never eaten at the actual restaurant, but one of their catering companies (The Great American BBQ) catered our casual outdoor wedding and people are still talking about the food! They did everything including staff, set-up,etc. They also have Caper Berry which is their more formal catering company.

      1. I've been for dinner there, not a catered affair, and I am trying to think if that room off to the side when you walk in is big enough for 80 people (unless there is another area they use). I do remember that the parking was difficult. I would definitely go check out the place before you book anything. What about MacMenamin's Grill in New Rockelle? They have the Shea room there, and it's in Southeast Westchester. White Plains is more central Westchester. But I do think if you don't mind central Westchester then White Plains would be a good bet for a variety of offerings for food and budget.

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          I'm replying to my own post because I want to add the website for MacMenamin's Grill and also maybe this website will be helpful The second website gives a rundown of some restaurants in the tri-state area. By the way I really enjoy the food at MacMenamin's Grill.

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            You don't see their catering rooms when you walk in. The rooms on the main level are the restaurant, which is quite good. The establishment is very customer friendly.