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Jun 9, 2007 02:32 PM

Falafel made with chickpea flour?

Does anyone have a recipe for falafel that is made with chickpea flour? I would love any links or recipes - as well as any advice. Thanks!

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  1. I have subbed chickpea flour for falafel, but don't have a recipe. I just did it by eye - used by normal recipe, added some chickpea flour and liquid to the right texture. Add the flour by weight and you will have the right amount if you prefer to measure.

    I prefer the soaked whole bean method for the texture. The flour makes something akin to donuts in texture. But it does OK when I want falafel and forget to soak the beans. (I can't use the mix b/c I am allergic to wheat).

    1. The texture is totally different, as jsaimd says, and isn't falafel. That falafely texture comes from soaked, ground, uncooked beans that are then deep-fried. If you make chickpea flour fritter, you come out with something like a pakora (which is chickpea flour batter mixed with other stuff before frying).

      1. Falafal is so easy but does take some time only because you have to soak the chickpeas for a good 12 hrs or more but you don't have to baby sit them and you don't have to cook them. Just soak drain and grind.

        1. On a similar, time-saving note, could one freeze the soaked, uncooked chickpeas to allow for just a quick microwave-thaw before grinding? Anyone tried it?

          I've only made falafel with canned chickpeas so any improvement in texture (for me) would be a good start.

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            I could never figure out why I couldn't get my falafal to hold together. Canned chickpeas were the root of the problem. They need to be in that semi-raw state to hold together without adding flour or other binder which can make them heavy.

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              freezing chickpeas? dunno. but freezing falafel mix is not a great idea, it gets very wet and does not hold together as well for deep frying

            2. Thanks for all of the suggestions! Will definitely use the whole beans for falafel.

              Any other ideas on what to do with chickpea flour? Bought a bag by Bob's Red Mill. On the package there was a recipe for hummus, which we made. The taste was great but the consistency was off.

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                Lydia Bastianich made pasta with chickpea flour on one show. Chickpea flour is used in Indian cusine.