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Jun 9, 2007 02:25 PM

San Antonio - Tex Mex, local ingredients, and guidance needed from the Hounds

I’m visiting San Antonio for the first time for work in a week, and would love some help! I’m staying at the Radisson Hill Country, which I know is a ways from the heart of the city, but I’ll have a rental car, so I’m open to travel, but would also like to know if there is anything out my way.

I’ve perused some older threads and found a few recommendations. Are these good choices so far?
Las Canarias
La Margarita
Mi Terra

I’m guessing these would satisfy my Tex-Mex cravings, but what else do the ‘hounds recommend if I’m looking for something different one night?

I’d also love to find a restaurant that focuses on local ingredients.

Thanks! I’ll report back!!

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  1. i just got back from there and went to Celito Lindo and it was great. more authentic than tex-mex but a great spot.
    here is the link to the thread

    1. Try Kayla's Cafe right behind the Havana Hotel at 1015 Navarro St. The specials each night are out of this world. We tried the Beef Wellington, Dilled Salmon and the Blackened Red Snapper. They are open until 10 pm Mon-Thu, till 11 pm on Fri & Sat and Sunday from 7am till noon. We did not try their breakfasts or lunches but the evenings were quiet and really good food.

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        Was there 2 weeks ago, had a fabulous time.
        My wife and I had a very good diner at Las Canaries, not a tex mex kind of place but very good food. We went with a group of 10 to Mi Tierra and it was fun. The wait was about an hour. It was better than your basic mexican restuarant.
        Some locals recommended Boudro's it is on the riverfront but we couldn't get in.
        Our favorite place and tableside made guacamole and had an appetizer of buttermilk fried oysters that were awesome, and I don't really like oysters. The sad thing is I can't remember the name, but I will try to find it for you.

          1. re: lboyd

            Try some of the off the beaten path places for some Tex-Mex.
            Jacala on West.
            Cha-Cha's on Babcock or Bandera Rd.
            Guajillo's on Blanco (Really more authentic Mexican than Tex-Mex)
            There's always Henry's Puffy Tacos on Bandera Rd. too, it's not fancy but it's totally San Antonio.
   might help you out. It's a hometown restaurant guide.

            1. re: Mr Zero

              i really enjoyed Henry's on my last trip