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Jun 9, 2007 02:01 PM

[DFW} Sno cones near Downtown Dallas?

Anyone know of any near downtown, uptown, or even Oak Cliff?

We used to live in Irving near plenty of small snow cone stands. Now that we live near downtown, I have no clue where to go.

We are willing to travel a bit for our sno cone fix if necessary...

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  1. The Belo Eats blog just published a tidbit on a guy who makes sno cones at Doc's Food Store at Meadow and Central. I haven't been but after the comments, I can't wait to try it.

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    1. re: vktp

      The place is very good. Each cone is carefully crafted, with lots of syrup. The cream flavors are rich and delicious, the fresh fruit flavors seem almost like pure fruit, with a good strong flavor. I think we're addicted.

      1. re: babar

        They are very good. We're hooked as well now.

        If only the rain would stop and the 100+ degree weather could begin so we can REALLY enjoy them! ;-)

        1. re: babar

          I agree this place is great. Not New Orleans style like I prefer, but easily the best in Dallas.

          1. re: WarJock

            OK i tried doc's. blech. the ice flattened and quickly clumped, with large sections never hit by the syrup. oh and speaking of the syrup: i don't care if it's fresh fruit if it tastes rancid. if i want the flavor of rotten watermelon, i'll buy a melon and leave it out for a week. this, combined with the funky store (pls. kill the buzzer that goes off for 5 minutes every time someone enters or exits) and an excruciating 15-minute wait in a tiny boxed-in atmosphere, no thanks. i'd take aunt stelle's any day. another piece of questionable advice from belo

            1. re: teegee

              Doc's is great. Don't let teegee discourage you. If it was so bad, why was the cone not returned to allow him to make it right?

              1. re: randyjl

                well, since you're asking in third-person, i'll respond in kind: the "cone was not returned" because "teegee" had nothing but pity for the poor girl who was forced to toil solo in that grungy sweatshop. and because "teegee" didn't feel like waiting another 15 minutes to get the girl's attention. and because "teegee" didn't feel like tying up the rest of the long-suffering line with a complaint.

                in my book, having to go back and get something fixed because it wasn't right the first time is a "problem".

                but hey, it's just my opinion, wasn't meant to be anything else. have a good time at doc's. i'll be one less person in line for you

                1. re: teegee

                  Ahh, this may be part of the problem - the girl who works there is not quite as good as the main guy. Not sure what the problem was with the watermelon, I have had it and enjoyed it, similar to a watermelon juice. Pineapple, tamarind, and mango are all good too when I have tried. But hey, if its not your thing, its not your thing.

                  Also, you can get additional cream added, which is along the lines of the condensed milk option. He has condensed milk on the menu, but when we asked he was out.

                2. re: randyjl

                  Hmmm...never heard of anyone "sending back" a sno-cone. Maybe a steak, piece of fish, etc... but never a sno-cone. Very interesting...

              2. re: WarJock

                What are the properties of a "New Orleans-style" sno cone? I've never heard of it. Does anybody make them, or anything close to them, around here?

                1. re: Twisted Dog

                  One of the biggest elements of a New Orleans sno-cone is pouring sweetened condensed milk over the sno-cone (which has already been saturated by syrup).

                  Guess we'll skip on Doc's and continue waiting 20-30 minutes at Aunt Stelle's...thanks TG!!

          2. easily the most famous - and best - in oak cliff, if not all of dallas, is Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones, at 2002 W Clarendon Drive. 214-946-1431. if you go during prime time, you'll find a line

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            1. re: teegee

              Aunt Stella's by all means. It's a family run business, same location for over 40 years. A snow cone from Aunt Stella's is a must have at least once a summer.

              1. re: pearlgoddess

                Aunt Stelle's is the best I've found so far - we drive from Casa Linda to Aunt Stelle's. After dinner, be prepared to wait 20-30 minutes in line. Sometimes we go after lunch; when there's hardly anyone in line.

                But...haven't tried Doc's yet. Will try soon!!

            2. Chupacabra on Ross and Fitzhugh has great sno-cones/raspas. Flavors run from the traditional to the exotic and there's a ton of 'em. The place has authentic Latin dishes, as well. Not everybody there speaks English, put pointing and pantomime work pretty well.

              4817 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX

              1. I see people have already referred you to Aun t Stelle's (not Stellas) FYI