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Jun 9, 2007 02:00 PM

Best cooking/food themed movies?

Best cooking/food themed movies? My favorite food/cooking themed movies are Tampopo and Big Night. I've even used them as inspiration for dinner parties.

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  1. Hmmm...I know there was a thread on this a while back. My personal faves are: Like Water for Chocolate, Big Night, Chocolat, even Goodfellas (despite the mafioso violence!)had food as a major theme in it! Henry Hill was quite the chef!

    1. My all-time favorite is Like Water for Chocolate. That movie (and the novel) is just all-around wonderful.

      Speaking of food-related movies, has anyone heard of the Tampopo remake that's coming out soon? I think it's called The Ramen Girl... I'm kinda curious about it.

      1. Babette's Feast. Somehow it's the most intellectual and still the most soulful food movie.

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          1. I think there is a recent thread about this. Eat Drink Man Woman, Like Water for Chocolate, and Big Night are my favorites. Also the recent movie Waitress, atlhough not a great movie, had great pie making scenes. I'll have to put Tampopo on my Netflix list.

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              Wow - if you haven't seen Tampopo yet, you're in for a great see. After reflecting back on the movie, I'd swear that this movie was written, produced, and directed by Mr. Leff himself... it has alot of biting commentary on Japanese society spliced into it (director Juzo Itami was famous for this in all of his movies), but what it boils down to is it's all about the food...

            2. I really enjoyed "Mostly Martha" (a German film with's NOT about Martha Stewart), "Kitchen Stories" (a Swedish film with subtitles is also cute/amusing) and Chocolat.

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                "Mostly Martha" has been remade as "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It looks like it will be awful.

                It's not a food movie, per se, but I have always loved the scene in Heartburn where Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson eat Spaghetti Carbonara after the first time they have sex.

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                  I really enjoyed Kitchen Stories (and Mostly Martha and Chocolat, too!) but found it bittersweet.

                  There's a brief scene in Monsieur Ibrahim where outdoor vendors in Turkey are selling their food to the bustling crowd. It happens quickly so it's sort of a tease but really made me want some and to see more. Not a food-themed movie but that sure got my attention. Loved how M Ibrahim taught Momo to stretch the family food budget, too. ;)