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Jun 9, 2007 01:43 PM

Beef marrow in SD?

I'm looking for a great French bistro in San Diego where I can get some luscious beef marrow. I recently moved here from NYC, and I'm really missing the stellar beef marrow app at Blue Ribbon. And even if beef marrow isn't available, I'd love recs for a great French bistro in SD.

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  1. not sure if SD will live up to your hopes, coming from NYC, but here are two French bistro-style places. (neither serve beef marrow, the last time I looked.)

    Cavaillon in Santaluz
    Cafe Chloe near the ballpark

    Tapenade in La Jolla serves French food and they might be your best bet for beef marrow.

    1. I wince at the comparison to NYC after some recent threads on here! I haven't tried Cavaillon, but it is highly recommended. I do like Cafe Chloe, and you might get lucky at Vagabond and have a good meal, though it's been hit or miss on my visits. I love their moule frites with the creme fraiche, but apparently you have to ask for them that way now? Things might be changing around there since Philippe Beltran left.

      I think Tapenade is definitely your best bet for beef marrow. Another place you might want to try is La Bastide Bistro. I don't think you'll find beef marrow, and the "bistro" atmosphere is sort of absent, but the food was pretty good when we went.

      I have also heard good things about a little place on Girard called "My Place" - it's a tiny place with a very short menu, but might be worth a shot. http://entertainment.signonsandiego.c...

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        Cavaillon has recently had a veal shank on the menu that is delicious and comes with a nice marrow-filled bone. The marrow is perfectly prepared (as is the veal) and I really, REALLY enjoyed it.

        I know it isn't exactly what the OP wants, but it is as close as anything I have seen. It may or may not still be on the menu (the online version is not updated, but the menu changes a little bit every few days). We are regulars at Cavaillon, so obviously we love it, and it is a great value. In my opinion, some items are as good as it gets, but some are 'only' very good (for example the chard with the veal is good, but...). I highly recommend it, but it may not live up to the expectation of a perfect french meal (otoh, it can and has produced that perfect meal) - but the price is right and you are almost assured of getting a lot of fantastic food. They seemingly have been getting more and more crowded. Again, highly recommended.

        As for My Place in La Jolla, we are semi-regulars, but we aren't quite sure why. I think it is very much hit or miss. Prices are quite good, but the food is often just ok. Some things (duck confit, grilled sardines) are really good - especially for the price - but you never quite know what you are going to get ('coq au vin' was a dried-out bone-in breast with, essentially, stewed tomatoes). Even though it is a small place service can be excrutiating. If you live in La Jolla it is worth a try, but you'll need your best menu-radar to find a great meal. On the other hand, it is cheaper and no worse (probably better) than nearby Jack's Grille (which I expect to improve dramatically over time).

      2. http://entertainment.signonsandiego.c...

        That has four pages of French restaurants in San Diego though most of them are more informal cafe style places instead of real high class restaurants.

        This link is one page worth of editor's picks for the best French restaurants in town.