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Jun 9, 2007 01:38 PM

Suggestions for bday in SD

I'm interested in your suggestions for a birthday dinner in San Diego for six. Included in the party are a fairly non-adventurous eater (Indian would be over the top for him, for example) who understands good quality, a person w/ significant reverse-snobbery who refuses to eat anywhere in La Jolla just because of the location, and two Chowhounders. And we can't spend a ton of money, but we're not cheap. To give you an idea of our preferences, we're fans of Market, Laurel, and Terra for a festive meal. So we're looking for someplace delicious, festive, moderately priced and not in LJ. Thanks a million!

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  1. not sure what your definition of "moderately priced is" (ie: do you consider Market more than moderately priced?) but try these places...

    Cavaillon in Santaluz
    Oceanaire in downtown
    Winesellar and Brasserie (it's pretty good, although I think there are better places in LJ and elsewhere)
    Modus in Banker's Hill

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      A place that is often overlooked is Manhattan's in La Jolla for excenent Italian. Cannelloni and the Filet Oscar are my favorites. Wine list is reasonable, about 25 bucks will get you a decent bottle of Sangiovese. Old school vibe with waiters in tuxes, salt water fish tanks, Frank playing in the bar/lounge. I've celebrated many birthdays there and never been disapointed.