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Jun 9, 2007 12:26 PM

Spot Cafe Watertown

I drive by this place all the time and have been meaning to stop in. We did so this afternoon for a quick lunch. I had the butternut squash soup and the BF had an omelette w/feta and onions. Both dishes were accompanied by their terrific home baked bread (we had the whole grain, which was more like a country french a la Iggy's). The soup was simple but filling and delicious...not overly sweetened or seasoned like so many versions. The eggs were perfectly done..a nice thin omelette, and home fries were crisp outside, fluffy inside, without being greasy. We shared a large pot of green tea (served in a beautiful ceramic pot) to wash it all down. The french toast and pancakes coming out looked superb....we will be back!

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  1. I'm glad someone finally posted about 'Spot', as a group of us calls it. The lunch stuff is good, but the brunch items are the real gems. We particularly like their Belgian waffle, which is wonderful with fruit and cream on the side. Wouldn't want to soften the the waffle's perfectly crisp exterior with the toppings. The owners are lovely people. Very friendly and obliging when you ask for something out of the menu, like poached eggs. Hmmmmm.....might have to make a run there tomorrow.

    1. I love the Spot Cafe -- it's so cozy. I agree with Boiled Egg, I like the soups and sandwiches I've gotten there but my favorite things are the toast and the yogurt parfait (I know that seems like a pretty ordinary thing but theirs is so good, with fresh fruit and crunchy granola. There's just something about it that makes me happy). I will have to try the Belgian waffle next time.