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Jun 9, 2007 11:01 AM

Uncle Billy's?

I thought that this place was a gay club, but unfortunately, it is a BBQ place, or so I've heard. I may end up there tonight, as there is a function and that's the place. What are the safe things to order? I've looked back through other posts, so I don't need links. It seems as if the previous posts were sometimes less than genuine (shills or anti-shills). My current plan is to order beer to start and play it by ear/nose. Or I could do some research if there's anything that anybody wants to know (i.e., I could sample the brisket and write a scathing review). Who knows, maybe I'll be surprised. Please help me.

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  1. Since it seems pretty clear that there are better places for Texas BBQ, I'd be curious to hear about the pulled pork.

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    1. re: Brian Lindauer

      Sounds like I'm eating pulled pork tonight!

      1. re: rudeboy

        i was on the greenbelt down at gus fruth friday afternoon and had my dog with me, so we were limited on places in the area where i could bring her with me to eat. so we stopped at uncle billy's for a bite as they allow dogs.

        very nice patio although not enough shade. there was a guy playing guitar and harmonica at the end on the stage and it was nice.

        they make their own beers . i had a blonde and an amber. i thought the blonde was very good.

        two of us got brisket and sausage and beans and shared it. the beef sausage was standard, definitely store bought and smoked for a short time. the brisket was disappointing, it had a very slight smoke ring, and was much more like pot roast than brisket. the serving did have some nice fatty pieces which i like, but to me a piece of brisket should not fall apart when touched with a fork.

        the table next to us had some baby backs that looked really good but i couldn't convince my friend to go that way.

        they had two kinds of sauce that they serve in bottles on the side if thats your thing. i tried both. one is spicy and is way too hot, and has no place with bbq. the regular sauce was pretty darn good. tomatoey and mild.

        service was great, our waiter had tried every meat and side and was able to do a good job of explaining his take on all of them. he comped us a beer too which was nice.

        certainly not a place i would go to if i was looking for good que, but serviceable if you are in the immediate area.

        1. re: sbhlaw

          Thanks for the info....I was actually there last night with a table of 16 or so. I meant to go walk into the kitchen and see the cooking process, but I forgot after a few beers. Here's what I remember:

          Brisket - as previously described in all the other posts. All around, the most disappointing item.

          Pulled pork and chooped beef - both come in a bowl and are stewed in a sauce. The pulled pork has a slight vinegary taste and was a bit chewy. The chopped beef, I think, was in there standard BBQ sauce and was actually quite tasty.

          Baby back ribs - slight char, a bit of smoke, okay on tenderness. I was extremely hungry, and that was the first thing that I had, and it was meat, so they were good.

          Jalapeno cheese sausage - I thought it was excellent. I asked about the source, and they said "somewhere out by College Station. I think that I remember that from previous posts.

          Didn't try the chicken. My wife did. I just asked her how it was and she said "It was good, it was chicken...nothing special in the way of spices or anything, but it was good." That's all I got on the chicken.

          The most remarkable thing, I thought, was that the spicy habanero bbq sauce was actually hot. I mean incredibly hot. So hot that it burned my mouth and many at the table couldn't even eat it. Coincidentally, I saw a pepper fiend friend at the bar and he remarked on it unprompted. It was so hot, I will assume that they will soon discontinue it or tone it down. But, I loved it.

          Another interesting thing was that they entire table regarded going to Uncle Billy's as a positive experience. I was expecting the worst, and was pleasantly surprised. It is kind of like buca de Beppo or something - a larger group, alcohol, and servicable food makes for a good time. No, it isn't Lockhart. If you want to save $, order the chopped beef and get bread and pickles, then order pitchers of beer. I can't evaluate the price, because the very capable host of our party said $10 a piece, and we couldn't see the bill. I think that he paid for a portion.

          Maybe after the initial reports on the horrible quality of the food, the owners stepped it up a bit. It seems apparent that they are monitoring the local boards, as the upper lower middle managers were shilling the topic on 360.

          Oh, beer - the hefe was excellent, the amber was off, and the pale was above average. The music was okay, but toned down enough to where you could have normal conversation. The service was actually really good, and I commented that to the server.

          1. re: rudeboy

            As far as the sausage that they said was out by College Station, Slovacek's and Burton sausage are two brands that are made near College Station that are very good. Its possible that was what kind of sausage it was, as I know they do deliver their sausage to Austin.

    2. Feel free to ignore this, rudeboy, but I believe other 'hounds and anyone reading along in the future might appreciate a link to the other reviews on this board:

      The posts by tipsytexan, saticoy, and shan give plenty of details based on first-hand experience.

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      1. re: MPH

        I was pretty impressed by their wings - a bit expensive - but on a Tuesday with there 1/2 price beer - its a good night. The combination of smoked flavor and a decent sauce - and you can had the spicy sauce for more heat.

      2. Why go to Uncle Billy's when Green Mesquite is within walking distance and has awesome wings, great chicken, yummy fried okra, plenty of Austin vibeand scooners of beer on a great back patio?!

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        1. re: amysuehere

          Well, the primary reason is that the Green Mesquite's food just sucks. If you can believe it, Billy's BBQ is a little better. Green mesquite has been open a long time, and they have made absolutely no attempt to improve anything about their food. I like the atmosphere, the schooners, and the fact that it has been there for so long, but the food is darn near inedible. I agree about what to order, though. Chicken is a safe bet. The jambalaya is okay. Haven't had the wings. The ribs take on that bad backyard BBQ plasticity and are tough. The brisket might as well be warmed up HEB. The sausage is greasy, usually cold, and also tastes like it has been cased in plastic. Absolutely no love in the food at all. It seems like no one at that establishment actually cares about quality.

          1. re: rudeboy

            I used to pick up food from Green Mesquite when craving quick bbq when I lived in 78704. I found that most of their items are as you say not good at all. However, the chopped beef sandwich is actually not bad (I think the added sauce breathes new life into their otherwise dry brisket). I usually got a sandwich and some okra and could sate my cravings. So, if you do end up here, or are drawn in by the schooners and patio, try the chopped beef.

            1. re: ashes

              Ashes, At this point, I would suggest that you are much better off at Rudy's - yes, the chain.