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Jun 9, 2007 09:51 AM

JJ Steakhouse Pasadena... what think you?

Invited to dinner there tonight... most recent review here is 2003 and was not so great. What's the scoop nowadays? Menu's not online, I'm a light eater and it would be great if you have a suggestion for what to order... thanks

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  1. It's been over two years since I've been there and I can't suggest anything to order per se but it is a steak house. Plus, they do have fish and chicken options. The food isn't all that bad and the service was top notch. Not inexpensive but worth the experience. If available, sit outside on the patio (2nd level). You'll get a great view of Mt. Wilson and the San Gabs plus the old town feel and vibe and still get pretty good service.
    I'm sure there are better steak houses, Ruth Chris is NOT one of them. Unless of course you love your steaks drenched in butter and leaving the place feeling sore in your britches.

    1. I quite like JJ's, and I think it's on par with Arroyo Chop House and Parkway Grill, Pasadena's other steakhouses.

      1. Since ithey call themselves a Steakhouse, then you should consider ordering what they specialize in:

        NY Strip - 16 oz. - $34.95
        Fliet Mignon - 12 oz. - $31.95
        T-Bone - 23 oz. - $37.95
        Rib Eye (Bone-In) - $29.95

        Also Rack of Lamb, Veal Strip, Pork Chop & Duck; as well as Sowrdfish, Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass & Lobster 3lbs. $59.95. Basically the usual suspects. If you can't finish the steak, get a doggie bag and make a great sandwich the next day.

        I've learned as a general rule not to expect too much ordering Pasta from a Steakhouse, or a Steak from an Italian restaurant (there's always a few exceptions though...).

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          The bone in rib-eye i ordered was spot on....the vibe is a little like the haunted house ride at disney land, but the view and service is spot on...and the drinks are big and well mixed.

          1. re: JBC

            Glad to hear it's not as bad as the older post implies...(and I don't think of ordering pasta or fish in steak houses...)

            While we're at it, is there a dress code?

            1. re: amandine

              the usual business casual, but because it is old town, most people wear cloting appropriate to walking around afterwards.

          2. I really enjoyed my dinner. Starter was the usual steakhouse iceberg wedge with a balsamic dressing on bleu cheese crumbles, which I thought was a nice departure from the standard creamy dressing. I had the petit filet mignon (8 oz) with the cab-mushroom sauce. For a medium it was a bit on the rare side for anyone who minds that (I liked it better that way), but otherwise I thought it was very tender, lovely presentation, fair price. For dessert (espresso purists, cover your eyes) I had a cappucino that was better than most I've had in restaurants. Service was incredibly attentive and warm throughout without being the least bit intrusive. My experience was pretty much on the mark with all of your comments... thanks for your input (my brother loved the ribeye).

            Oh, and because we were seated at a large table in a private room, fortunately our room was really well lit, but I did notice the whole "haunted house" darkness thing in the main dining room. I thought I might trip on myself on the way out...