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Jun 9, 2007 09:44 AM

Two gals hitting the town tonight

A friend and I want to go have a glass of wine and eat some good food. We live in the West End, but will travel if need be. Any good suggestions for a reasonably priced meal. Atmosphere is always a bonus. Roncesvalle? Bloor West? Queen? We are open to suggestions.

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  1. Having lived in Cali the last 10 years, im probably not the best person to comment. Since I've moved Bloor/Keele area last week I've been to Sharkey's Cafe. Food was good and pretty cheap. Sort of fushion type food. I had the Mahi Mahi and it was delicious. Nothing over $20. This is definately not fine dining if that is what you are looking for. Drink prices are standard for the area. Atmosphere here is great and caters to a 25-40 crowd. Great patio also to enjoy a beautiful day and people watch.

    1. Two girls out for fun, food and drinks....hands down for the west end is the drake hotel

      if you go before 8pm you will get in no probs. after that, if you are eating, call and make a reso.

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      1. re: diesta

        Since NXNE has taken over the Drake for the weekend, I would definitely *not* go there, unless you also have wristbands/want to go to the gigs they've got tonight.

      2. On Roncesvalles.... Fat Cat Winebar for a couple of glasses and small plates, then move on.

        1. Such a beautiful day I would suggest somewhere with a great patio..

          Brassai at King/Spadina.
          Habitat at Queen/Tecumseth
          Coca at Queen/Euclid (not sure if their back patio is open).
          Banu at Queen/Euclid (great fresh fruit martini - watermelon is best) - tiny patio
          Terroni at Queen/Niagara

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          1. re: thebutcher

            Or something in Kensington: Torito perhaps for some sangria and tapas.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions.....I will definately try them out throughout the summer!
              We ended up at The foundation Room. I was pleasantly surprised with the food selections that we ordered and the atmosphere is great - we both felt it would be a very good first date place. The plates are meant for sharing and the seating is comfy and cozy. Candles on every table.