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Jun 9, 2007 08:54 AM

Cathay and British

I've booked a flight by Cathay and British Airlines.
What kind of menus have they got?
I hope I don't get airsick T-T

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  1. I kept a few Cathay pacific menus from flight to Hong Kong/Singapore last summer.
    Dinner: Cajun hot smoked salmon with curry potato salad as appetizer, then choice of either Singapore style chicken curry with rice or braised fish with bean curd sheets and mushroom plus rice & stir fry veggie. Ice cream for dessert
    Late Supper: mesclun salad with chichen with balsamic dressing. Then choise of 3 different entrees- braised fish with preserved gooseberry, rice, Chinese long cabbage with dried bean curd OR beef stew with paprika cream sauce, mashed potato, braised beans with pear & bacon OR penne pasta with eggplant and button mushroom, tomato concasee and pesto cream sauce. Dessert was marble cheesecake
    Refreshment: seasonal fruit cocktail. Then a choice of omolette with ricotta and red pepper, grilled back bacon, hashed brown porato, and button mushroom slices in cream sauce OR braised e-fu noodles with mushrooms and mini glutinous rice dumpling served w/ chili sauce. Dessert was chesnut cream cake

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      Wow exactly my style of menus. Thanks for that ;) Now I've started looking forward to the flight lol.