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Where to buy rhubarb in LA?

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Can't seem to find rhubarb in L.A. I checked the local farmer's markets and also the grocery stores, but nothing. The only rhubarb-ish plants I see are swiss chard. Anyone know where I can buy some to make pie?

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  1. I see it at the Saturday farmers market in Santa Monica on Third/Arizona.

    1. I got some at Whole Foods the other day. I think it was the Glendale one but they should all have it.

      1. albertsons in glendale. ivar farmers' mkt.

        1. Gelson's (at least the one in Irvine) almost always has it.

          1. I just bought a few bunches at the Hollywood Farmer's Market - hopefully the seller will be back next week!

            1. At the Hollywood Farmers' Market, on the west side of Ivar, south of Selma. A small stand run by an older man and woman. They also sell avocados and some citrus. Good stuff.

              1. Bought some at the Pavillions at Vine & Melrose. Used it to make a peach / rhubarb pie which came out wonderfully! PS I bought the peaches at Johns at .99 cents for 2lbs! They were perfect for pie.

                1. I just used my Rhubarb that I got at the Pasadena Farmer's Market (Saturday Mornings at Pasadena High School) to make strawberry-rhubarb jam. The herb lady (next to the "most delicious honey in the world lady") has it right now.