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Jun 9, 2007 07:45 AM

Little Owl Musings

Went early to Little Owl last night for the first time and snagged a table. I had the pork chop (of course) and my wife had the chicken. Both were spectacular. Flavor of both meats kept intensifying and we chewed them - a very rare thing indeed. I might of liked the chicken even more than the pork chop. Here's my question: Both pork chop and chicken very simply prepared. Do people think that phenomenal flavor of these dishes is due to some kind of prep that is not immediately obvious or are they just sourcing some incredible meat?

Augusta Chow

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  1. Yeah, the Little Owl is just plain solid. I think the answer to your question is YES to both. They are definitely focused on fresh product and seem to insist on it, but I think the preparation that goes into their dishes is more than one would expect. I asked the chef, Joey Campanaro I think it is?, about the butter beans that come with the pork chop. I love those butter beans and sometimes order them as a side plus an order of sliders as my meal. Anyway, the prep of the butter beans is much more of a process than I expected (well, some may not see it that way, but he finishes them in a stock & demi-glace something or other). I guess it depends what you define as simple, but the preparation explains the deep flavors they get out of their dishes.

    In the video section of the Food and Wine website, he prepares the pork chop dish. it's worth checking out...