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Jun 9, 2007 07:12 AM

Lupa-A Bad Time

Wow It was a stunner. Rude staff and horrible crowd. Foood extremely mediocre ie. gnocci and particularly the dry chicken. Anybody know what is good there? Is it possible the place is all hype?

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  1. Thank God....finally someone says the same thing!!! I was beginning to think that I was the only one on earth to have had a bad experience there. I am not anti-Batali because I love Casa mono and Otto, but Lupa misses the spot absolutely. The wine was almost boiling hot. Nowadays, high end restaurants should have wine cellars to serve the wine at the right temperature.

    The service and the food were mediocre at best. We had the veal saltimbacco and we did not like it.

    There are restaurants sometimes where everyone goes and you wonder why and this is one of those places. It is well located and promoted by Batali as the poor man's Babbo. I have never been to Babbo, but I hope that it is better than Lupa!

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      I've only been to Lupa a couple of times - and only for lunch - but I've also had a good if not great experience there. Good food - can't remember what right now, friendly service, etc.

      Edit: Not saying, obviously, that others haven't had a bad experience - just that mine as not been bad.

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        Too funny. We posted in another thread that we went there for the first time this past February, and that we would never walk through that door again! The food was very mediocre and the staff was more than rude. We have tried Batali's food there and other places and it is always very mediocre. Go to Da Enzo Ristorante for good sicilian and great gelato.

      2. i posted about the rude reception there a couple months ago...i've always enjoyed the food though, but i've scratched it off my list because of the attitude...

        1. The time I went, I too was unimpressed...and I am a huge Babbo fan. We were seated at a table in the front room, by the bar. Every time a waitstaff person passed my friend's chair they knocked into it, so it was constant all night. The service was "distant". I ordered pasta and was very unimpressed. Based on our total experience it made me never want to go back.

          1. And how everyone just loooooooooooooves Babbo is beyond me. I went there a few years ago for my anniversary. The bar was JAM packed and people were pushing their way through the entrance. Is that "fun" for people? One of the best restaurants in the city shouldn't feel like walking into a cattle holding pen. It was awful. We were seated at a lovely table upstairs ... but the food ... eh .... whatever. We did a wine pairing and had all the usual suspects (veal cheek ravioli) ... all fine but nothing spectacular. But the worst part: waking up hours later, dying of thirst from the overly generous amount of SALT in the dishes. Yuck. That experience alone made me never want to go to another Batali venture ever again. Luckily, I managed to have a good time at Bar Jamon (despite their initial cold greeting). Anyway ... don't get me started!

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            1. re: SnowWhite

              The lamb chops at Lupa were so salty, they were not edible.

              1. re: MIKELOCK34

                ALL of Batali's places at this point are pretty much a joke and a rip-off.
                I have eaten at all of them over the past 18 months at least twice and the only one worth
                its salt is Mono and the prices there are crazy for what you get.

                1. re: scars

                  ive been saying that babbo is by far the most overrated, generally loved chowhound restaurant. otto is just plain terrible and lupa isnt much better.

                  bring me crispo...bring me 'ino...thats good eats.

            2. I must strongly disagree. The two times I went to Lupa, I was blown away by excellent food and some of the best service I've every had. I would easily categorize Lupa as one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. With that said, every place has off nights, but I firmly believe that the criticisms of Lupa are the exception and not the rule - unless things have changed for the worse recently.