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Jun 9, 2007 07:04 AM

Cafe d'Alsace

I had dinner at Cafe d'Alsace last night, and I had a wonderful experience! Although the posts here have been very mixed to negative, I decided to try it anyway since it's in my new neighborhood. Service was very attentive throughout the meal. I started with the tart flambe which is a mini-pizza with cheese, carmelized onions and bacon -- wonderful combination. I had to leave a piece to save room for the wonderful duck breast with raspberries, mixed salad, potatoes with onions, mushrooms and bacon, and mixed vegetables (string beans, pea pods and carrots). Everything was delicious! I had no room for dessert. I had two glasses of a German Riesling (not too expensive $10 a glass). I'm definitely looking forward to a return visit. We arrived before 7 without a reservation, and were seated immediately. The restaurant filled in by the time we left at 8, with a nice mix of patrons of all ages. I'm glad I tried Cafe d'Alsace!

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  1. That's good to hear - we're in the neighborhood as well, and haven't been back for a while. Last year, I remember their menu not being particularly "summer friendly" - ie, I don't feel like eating cassoulet when it's 90 degrees out - did you think were a number of lighter options on the menu?

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      I just had two light dishes (2 appetizers) there. The mix of asparagus with salad and the tuna tartare with avocado puree (though I did scrape off a bit of the avocado--really good but a bit over powering the lightness of the tuna).

      All in all, I was a very happy diner with a bottle of Lindemann's Peche Belgian Lambic.

    2. Has anyone had the chance to try the choucroute garnie there? I've been craving authentic choucroute for a long time! I'd like to know if they're done right at Cafe d'Alsace.

      And how is their tarte flambée? I love it when they're cooked in 500C+ woodburning ovens. Slightly charred edges but dripping hot cheese with crisp bacon and sweet onions! Just roll it up, tacquito style, and gorge! (Don't forget to breathe once in a while.)

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        I haven't been back for a few months, but I've enjoyed the choucroute garnie in the past ... couldn't tell you if it was authentic, though!

        Their tarte flambee is decent, but for a killer upgrade try the version they serve at the Bar Room at the Modern

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          You may not have noticed, but in my original post above, I said that I loved the tart flambee. Perfect amount of cheese, carmelized onions and bacon.

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            I think that, next to Les Halles in February, Cafe d'Alsace has the best choucroute (sauerkraut) in town, and I've had (a lot) more than my share. It's almost sweet--none of that sour acidic bite that gets tiresome after a few mouthfuls--and the texture is unutterably tender.

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              I have to agree with Tom - Les Halles in February has the best choucroute but Cafe D'alsace's is still pretty good. I think it's more authentic than their tarte flambe is anyway.

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                Thanks for the heads up, everyone. I'll go check it out soon and give some feedback.