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Jun 9, 2007 06:36 AM

"Neighborhood" Italian ...?

I'm almost hesitating to post this question because it's so un-specific, but here goes... I'll be visiting NYC on Sunday, probably poking around the downtown neighborhoods -- Chelsea, SoHo, the Seaport area, etc. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so outdoor dining would be a plus. Is there an Italian place you'd recommend with great food at reasonable prices where folks just seem to be having a good time? High energy yet relaxed; a good place to enjoy the feel of your great city on a great day?

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  1. If you are near the Seaport (you might want to do a search of this site & for more info. on these and other non-Italian places). These places have good food (vs. "great"):

    *Acqua (was Quartino), has outdooor cafe. Simple, fresh, delicious Italian fare (nothing contrived or fancy).
    *Barbarini (lite, quick fresh Italian, more of a takeout place, a few tables)
    *Buon ' Amici (more of a dinner place)
    *Il Brigante (stick with pizza & pasta, more of a lunch place)
    *Carmine's (food ok, no outdoor seating)

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      Just remembered there is a v. popular Italian place in TriBeCa . . .a short walk from Seaport (IMO, walk West for better food) . . .can't remember the name, it's not too far from Salaam Bombay. Another CH will know the place I'm thinking of and hopefully post.

    2. In Tribeca: Pepolino on West Broadway just below Canal St.

      In West Village: Malatesta on Christopher & Washington

      Both have outdoor seating, Malatesta was my favorite, but Pepolino is stealing my heart!

      1. I've been reading some good things about Crispo. between Crispo and Buon'Amici, which would you choose? I'm soooooooo confused -- so many restaurants, so little time! The menu at Malatesta appeals to me. (Maybe I should avoid the Seaport area altogether...?) It's just supposed to be a fun day in the big city with my nutzo cousin... I'm already feeling stressed!

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          definitely crispo!! the garden seating is lovely, too.

        2. Try Oreste on Carmine between Bedford & 7th Ave.