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Jun 9, 2007 06:17 AM

Really good Indian take out on UES!!!!

I found this small, clean, friendly Indian take out the other night on the way home from NYPresbyterian Hospital...Now I stop by every day for dinner!!! I've had the chicken curry & the chicken tikka so far ... light, not greasy, pleasantly seasoned but not hot or too heavy-handed...Comes with rice & 2 veg + hot naan...I've had the yellow dal and spinach, both excellent...the portions are generous so you definitely won't go hungry...

Prices are 50% off after 8PM so here's the fantastic NYC bargain: dinner for $4.88!!

It's clean & well lit, there are about 5 stools & a counter if you want to eat in. Brian, the manager, is super friendly...all in all this places rates as a gem & a NYC discovery!

It's called Tawaa...and it's at 401 East 68th 212.452.0491

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  1. Thanks for the rec-will definitely check it out.

    Question-were the chicken curry/chicken tikka sauces with cream? Anything like chicken bhuna-a thick sauce?

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      The curry didn't have cream, the tikka did. Sorry, don't know about bhuna-a sauce...What is it?

    2. I unfortunately am visiting my father at the hospital.

      I kept on passing the place as I went to visit him and made a mental note to stop there.

      I finally went today and saw the Chow rating pasted in the window (The anti-Zagat?).

      I tried the entree combo and it was delightful. While it comes off a steam table and I don't think you can customize the spice (maybe add to it) it was delicious and fresh. Went with the safe bet, a Chicken Tikki Masala to start. I'll try more later. Had the Patak and some Chickpeas. Came with fresh Na'an (delicious) and a Mango Lassi.

      Highly recommended and can't wait to try more dishes.

      Bonus: Halal and they also serve Goat!!