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Jun 9, 2007 05:19 AM

Blaue Gans -- recommendations?

We have a reservation for Blaue Gans for tonight. We could still change it and wonder whether that is a sound choice. So if anyone has been recently, would love to hear about it. For reference, we really like Wallse but were less impressed with Danube, especially given how pricey it is.

What dishes at Blaue Gans are good? If you have wine recommendations, that would be great too.

Any advice much appreciated.

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  1. I had dinner at Blaue Gans recently, and I really enjoyed it. I had the sausage with the pretzel: the sausage was a bit bland, but was help by the mustard, but the pretzel was wonderful! I had as my entree the schnitzel with the mushrooms -- very delicious! I ended with the Salzburger Nockerl (typical Austrian souffle)-- also delicious! I definitely plan on returning. My wine preference is Riesling, but I tend to like the sweeter German ones better.

    1. I had a nice late lunch there today. We really enjoyed the smoked trout dish made with thin layers of crepe and trout, finished with horseradish and greens. Light and delicious. The apple strudel was delicious as well. I've also enjoyed the chicken in the past, and the sausages. I recall the waiter giving good wine recommendations in the past, but I can't recall specifics. They have some nice German beers as well.

      1. i LOVE the pork wiener schnitzel and blood sausage.

        1. Wiener schnitzel and pork belly for entrees. Salzburger Nockerl is definitely something you should try if you haven't before, but I've had good luck with all of the desserts I've tried.