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Jun 9, 2007 05:15 AM

Great Restaurant in Charleston!

We tried a restaurant in Mt. Pleasant after reading about it in the City Paper - A Culinary Art Company - fantastic! It is just a husband and wife duo - with Tim in the back winning our award for Top Chef in Mt. Pleasant. We tried 3 dishes - each was a great combo of spice and texture and a true visual delight. They have been opened for 2 years, but don't spend anything on advertising - help spread the word!!

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  1. I've heard about this restaurant, but I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet. Could you explain more about the restaurant for me? I've heard they are mainly a tapas place, and their menu changes all the time...what did you have? What else was on the menu? What is the price range? How is their wine list? Were the three dishes you had enough for a meal for two? I would love to hear if you have anything to add. Thanks.