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Jun 9, 2007 04:51 AM

Anna Kearney to open restaurant in Dayton

Well, I for one am so excited. Just saw in the paper yesterday that Anna Kearney who owned Perisyle in New Orleans and closed it to move to Dayton, Ohio to be closer to relatives , is opening a new restaurant in that area . She will call it Rue Dumaine( named after the street that Peristyle was on in New Orleans) and will do American Bistro food. She has been growing organic vegetables in that area for several years and I am sure will feature them. Set to open in October. I am from Cincinnati and will drive to go to that one.

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  1. That's exciting news, since Peristyle was the #1 rated restaurant in New Orleans when she was there. Thanks for the info.

    1. I was really excited to read about the upcoming Rue Dumaine, as well. I ate at Peristyle before they sold it, and loved the food. Maybe the Dayton area's chain domination will finally can hope, anyway!


      1. I have seen a report that Anne Kearney plans to open the Rue Dumaine about October 1. I am driving from Madison, WI to DC at the end of October and would like to eat there.

        I've had several great meals at Peristyle in NOLA and would like to repeat the experiance.

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          Unfortunately, they've run into delays with contractors getting the place ready and I'm now hearing maybe it will open sometime in November. So it won't be open when you drive to DC :-(

          1. re: Niki in Dayton

            Rue Dumaine is purported to have opened last night. I had the most expensive meal of my life at Peristyle in New Orleans, New Year's Eve - 2001, and it was worth every penny.

            1. re: boltz2000

              We're going next Friday (in a week) and I'll report back! I loved Peristyle as well, but I think we actually spent more at Bayona in NOLA. Could have been the wine we chose, though...