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Jun 9, 2007 04:05 AM

Cubanos in Detroit?

I am new to the world of Cubano sandwiches and would be happy to get some good recommendations.

I had one at Red Coat Tavern in RO - huge, messy, cheese and sauce flowing everywhere, kinda greasy, bun pressed almost flat, but crispy. Later I tried the Cubano at Traffic Jam near Wayne State - neat and clean, bread not pressed nearly so flat. Both were pretty tasty. But except for the ingredients being the same, they were very different sandwiches.

So, send me on the road, hounds: where to get the best cubano in metro D?


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  1. Vicentes downtown detroit. Make sure you do mapquest, it is a little hard to find (one way streets) but was a nice find when I visited. Moderately upscale/casual...not a hole in the wall.

    1. vicente's is very good. great cuban sandwich plus a full menu of other great cuban dishes.

      i have also had a good cuban sandwich at cafe habana in royal oak, tucked behind bastone.

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        from the Detroit news Restaurant critic/reviewer :

        Comments from Molly Abraham
        The first Cuban restaurant in the metro area offers an a menu of Cuban-influenced rather than strictly authentic dishes. They range from the Cuban sandwich, a press-grilled blend of roast pork, ham, Swiss chees and pickles on specially made Cuban bread, mango and jicam salad, fired plantains, grilled sweet corn, ropa vieja (shredded beef in spicy tomato sauce over yellow rice) and cornmeal cakes stuffed with goat cheese, avocado and tomatoes. Appropriate drinks include sangria, mojitos, limeade and of course, Coca Cola. The good old American hamburger is also an option. The cafe is patterned after the Cafe Habana in Manhattan and its rustic setting is just right for the colorful menu. Part of the Bastone restaurant complex, it has its own entrance on Fifth Street around the corner from South Main, and it serves breakfast - such dishes as huevos rancheros and a Cuban version of French toast - as well as the other two meals. Its small, quarters include an open kitchen with a few stools at a counter for those who like to keep an eye on the kitchen, as well as more secluded booths and tables.

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          I can second (third??) the vote for Vicente's. Deeelish. Cubanos are one of those things that have become trendy and so places that shouldn't be making them (Redcoat? Ick) are doing so. The last time we got them at Cafe Habana, (which in their defense was carryout and may have been better if we had gotten them in the restaurant) they were not very well assembled or well-pressed.