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Jun 8, 2007 09:16 PM

Dinner in Downtown on Sunday?

I am looking for a place in or close to Downtown LA for a nice, but not formal dinner. I am taking my college advisors (in the 40's-early 50's) from the East Coast out and would like to them somewhere decent, but again not very formal as they will likely not be dressed up since they fly in on Sunday afternoon.

I have had one recommendation of Ciudad...any other recs? Thanks!

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      1. re: barcelona

        Mortons is not downtown and I think has closed.

        1. re: Mother Hubbard

          barcelona was referring to Arnie Morton's, a different place, still very much open.

    1. Thank you for the responses!

      1. Roy's is mediocre. I recommend Cafe Pinot which is pretty, light and airy for a Sunday afternoon. I just checked it out on Zagat and it doesn't open until 4:30 on Sunday. Checkers in the Hilton has great reviews and is open for all day.

        1. I would also recommend Engine Co. 28 or Cafe Pinot, also possibly Cicada. All offer a good variety of well prepared food and decent service. There is nothing wrong with Roy's, Arnie Mortons, or even McCormick & Schmicks, but they are chains that you friends could eat at in many other cities, including many in the east.

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          1. re: scrappydog

            Good point about finding something they don't have back East. I have been to several Morton's and they have all been great for steaks. I am from Hawaii so I often go to Roy's, but am don't know how they would take to the Yamaguchi's fusion cuisine. I do think they would like the dessert. They will be staying around 5th and Grand so that would be a good choice for location (something close and easy). As for attire...are all of these places very "dressy"? These people will be flying in and I don't think they will like to go to a dressy/fancy place. Thanks again for all the suggestions!

            1. re: jmp

              It might be somewhat fancier than you are looking for, but the wonderful Water Grill is right next door to the Biltmore. Ciudad at 5th and Figueroa is not too far and would be a fun choice for pan-Latin food.

              1. re: jmp

                You and your friends will be comfortable in any of the places mentioned dressed casually. You may see some people more dressed up, but the norm would be casual attire.

            2. There's a thread going on about downtown places now.

              I'd do Blue Velvet. On a Sunday evening you can sit and have a drink at the pool first, and it's not like anything you'd find back east.